ERP in the Cloud | Preventing Cyber Security Attacks

The shift to cloud computing has allowed businesses of all types to lower their IT costs, access scalable resources, and reduce the on-site burden of their IT infrastructure. And more and more of them are using the cloud to manage their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It makes sense to use the benefits of the cloud to reduce the challenges of systems like an ERP System, but it introduces risks as well. ERP Systems are mission-critical assets in the truest sense of the term, and if they were to be attacked by hackers, viruses, or other malicious entities, it could have catastrophic effects. That is why cloud security is such is such an urgent and growing priority.

4 Tips to Strengthen Your Cyber Security

Use Private Clouds.
You may be tempted to go with a public cloud to reduce costs, but these types of clouds are often riddled with vulnerabilities and security challenges. Private clouds cost more, but they have fewer entry points and more stringent safety measures in place. Also, private cloud providers are in a better position to monitor your account, enabling them to preemptively deflect attacks and minimize their impact.

Create Stronger Passwords.
Password prediction is one of the most common and most avoidable sources of cyber security attacks. Change your passwords often, and think strategically when your generate them. Best practices dictate that they be at least 8 characters long, contain no complete words, contain no references to your company or individuals, and utilize a wide variety of symbols.

Secure Your Data Transfer Channels.
All of the data you transfer back and forth to the cloud travels through the internet, which is where it is most vulnerable. Make sure you select secure data transfer channels and encrypt any data before it is sent out. This is a relatively easy process that can thwart even sophisticated cyber attacks.

Know Your Software Interfaces.
Application programming interfaces (APIs) are what you use to access ERP software applications on the cloud. Evaluate your existing API to determine if it has any vulnerabilities, and investigate ways to strengthen it, or to switch to a more secure API.


Using the cloud comes with a certain amount of risk, but it also helps you avoid other common kinds of attacks. If used wisely, it can be the safest and most cost effective place for your ERP system. If you need technical experts to help you evaluate cloud providers, migrate your ERP system, and create ironclad protections, rely on talent solutions provided by The Squires Group.


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