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Patti - Cats R Us
Working doesn’t always stop after leaving the office, and for members of the Squires Group, this holds to be true. Time, effort, and commitment start at the office for members of the Squires Group team, and continue on throughout the community. Patti Poole, Senior Account Manager at The Squires Group, takes time out of her week to volunteer for the “Cats R Us” not-for-profit organization, based out of the Annapolis area. Volunteering once a week, Patti’s job as “socializer” entails, playing, loving, and interacting with all thirty-plus cats in the shelter, with the occasional clean-up. After a year of volunteering, Patti’s favorite part is coming back week after week, and seeing that some cats are no longer in the foster care because they have been adopted into a loving home where they can begin their new life.

Patti - Cats R Us (2)Patti Poole is not the only member of The Squires Group team that dedicates time and energy into bettering the lives of animals; Nancy Squires, CEO of the Squires Group, has personally rescued over 5 Italian Greyhounds within the last 20 years, and is a proud supporter of and donor to the HART for Animals not-for-profit organization, that is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets in Western Maryland. In addition to these cat-loving, dog-saving team members, Shannon Christ, Accounting Specialist at the Squires Group, dedicates her time outside the office with The Greenwell Foundation—and one of their programs focuses on a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program for children and adults with development, physical or emotional challenges. The Squires Group team is not only focused on getting their clients In The Perfect Space, but also supports fostering animals whose perfect space is a loving, caring, and safe environment, a place that would be unattainable without the support and effort of volunteers like Patti, Nancy, and Shannon.

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