4 Ways the Job Search Will Modernize in 2015

If you’re looking for a job, you owe it to yourself to use every tool at your disposal and be prepared for every possible scenario. Here are four tech trends that will modernize the recruitment process in 2015 and change the way you look for a job.

Alternative Interviews

Skype interviews are not uncommon, but more and more job seekers should expect to have one in 2015. Employers have found that they are an effective evaluation tool and a way to connect with more candidates. They also spare the candidate from having to travel, and help to avoid scheduling conflicts. Automated prescreening processes – surveys, questionnaires, exams etc – will also become more common as employers search for faster and better ways to narrow down a candidate pool.

Active Profiles

Many job seekers have already discovered that actively blogging and putting content online is both easier than ever, and a great way to get noticed as an industry influencer/expert. Conversely, many more job seekers have found that static, resume-like social media profiles don’t attract as much attention from employers as hoped. Social media is more important than ever, and that means taking the extra steps to stand out and differentiate yourself online.

Remote Possibilities

Companies are increasingly relying on contract and freelance professionals, and many now have the opportunity to work remotely, at least part of the time. That opens up a wealth of new job prospects, but also means that ambitious job seekers need to be ready for the technical and personal challenges. That may mean updating software/hardware and requires new hires to get ready for employment that is done  largely through a screen.

Creative Apps

Last year LinkedIn paid $120 million for Bright – an app that used sophisticated data science to determine a job seeker’s fit for an open position. That is just one of many creative apps now available that connect employers and job seeker in new ways. Another called Widewords facilitates conversations between job seekers and industry insiders willing to share career advice. The number of these apps is sure to grow in 2015, giving job seekers tools they have never had before. And, in a general way, mobile platforms will start to become a major part of the recruitment process.

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