10 Things Your Staffing Agency Won’t Tell You


Choosing to use a staffing agency is often a big business decision. However, you can’t make the right choice regarding the firm you select without the right information. To help you understand the staffing industry better, here are 10 things a staffing agency won’t tell you.

  1. Your Competitor Pays More

Staffing firms work with numerous businesses in the local area, and might provide services to your competitors. In those cases, the recruiters may be fully aware of how your proposed salary measures up to others operating in your industry. However, if the salary you are offering to candidates isn’t going to fit the bill, you aren’t going to hear it from them.

While much of this is based on the professional relationship they maintain with other clients, it is important to know that information won’t be shared regardless of what they know.

  1. References Are Prescreened

If a recruitment firm offers candidates with prescreened references, you might not be getting the entire story from those reference calls. Some agencies choose what information to record in an applicant’s file and what to leave out. Additionally, if they have a two reference minimum, and the applicant’s first references don’t provide positive feedback, they may ask for more to call until they get the positive recommendations they need to proceed.

  1. Sometimes It’s About Speed

Many staffing agencies have activity quotas. That means recruiters need to make a certain number of placements within a specific period or face negative consequences. When that is the case, you may be matched with less than ideal candidates simply to get someone into the position to meet their activity minimums.

  1. They Don’t Understand Your Position

Unless a recruiter specializes in certain job types, or has experience working in the field themselves, they might not fully understand what a position entails. Often, they rely on your description of the work and any skills you say are required as their only source of information and try to make a match based on that alone.

  1. Candidates Didn’t Create Their Resumes

Before a resume ends up in your hands, it was likely in the hands of a staffing professional. Typically, these documents are edited by the recruiters, ensuring the candidate’s information is presented in the best light possible.

While, in most cases, the details on a resume are legitimate, and accurately reflecti a candidate’s experiences, some less scrupulous firms may cook the resumes, creating a deceptive picture of what the applicant actually has going for them.

  1. Your Total Compensation Package is a Mystery

Often, recruiters focus on key areas regarding compensation, like salary and whether you offer standard benefits. Anything outside of the basics isn’t likely to be retained even if you do give them the information.

  1. Higher Paying Companies Get the Best Candidates

Staffing agencies charge companies for the service they provide. While that’s no secret, what is rarely talked about is the fact that businesses paying higher margins will see the best candidates, and will often take priority over less lucrative placements.

  1. Talented Temps Are Fair Game

If you are hiring for a short-term position, you can still end up with a talented individual to meet your needs. However, if that temporary worker is also interested in full-time employment, and the right opportunity crosses a recruiter’s desk, you may lose the temp employee to the full-time position.

  1. Cultural Fit Is a Big Question Mark

Even if a staffing agency aims to account for cultural fit, their ability to do so can be limited. Generally, they can only operate based on the information you give them, as they won’t be able to fully explore the issue themselves.

  1. They Can Turn You Away

A staffing firm can turn you away at any point during the process, including in the middle of a candidate search. If they feel the effort required to make a placement doesn’t match the amount received for their services, they might choose to close the contract and move on.


At The Squires Group, we believe in complete transparency with our clients. If you want more information about our processes before using our services, please contact us today and see how we are different from your average staffing agency.



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