Can Courses and Certifications Make You More Hireable?

There is a plethora of IT courses and certifications available today. Some of them are designed to help you gain new skills while others simply assert you have knowledge in a particular area. They are often advertised as a way to bigger and better career opportunities.

But the bigger question is, do they actually make you more hireable? In short, the answer is yes, depending on the courses you take or the certifications you acquire. Here is what you need to know about these options and how they can help you secure a better job.

Job Announcements are a Wealth of Information

One of the easiest ways to explore which certifications will help you is to read job postings for your target position. These will list any education requirements or certifications that are considered mandatory and which can help you meet any requested qualifications. If a particular certification is listed on openings with multiple companies, then it is definitely worth exploring.

For example, many government contracting tech positions require the Security+ certification or significantly favor those that have it. This is because IT security is a prominent concern in government agencies, making it a great certification if you are interested in pursuing those opportunities.

Consider What is In-Demand

Certain technical skills are more desirable than others based on the needs of today’s employers. If you choose to become certified in one of those key areas, you can expand your employment horizons with relative ease.

For example, receiving certification as a Risk and Information Systems Control, Information Security Manager, Information Systems Security Professional, Project Management Professional or Cisco Certified Design Associate can help you qualify for positions that may have otherwise been out of reach. Some of these certifications have prerequisites, including other certifications or education, so take the time to look into what is required to qualify as a first step.

When it comes to courses, the same logic applies. Software developers and coders are some of the most in-demand professions today, so taking a class to learn a particular programming language can make your career more lucrative in the long term. Often, these courses can be taken independently of a degree program and may even be available as a boot camp. You will need to explore your options and see what works best with your current schedule or other obligations to see which approach is right for you.

The Bottom Line

By focusing on skills and certifications that are being sought by employers today, you can make yourself more hirable overall. Just make sure any classes you take are from reputable sources and the certifications are offered by a recognized organization.

If you are looking for more information about how certifications and courses can help your IT career, the experts at The Squires Group can show you the way. Contact us to discuss your employment goals and how the right credentials can help you get ahead.


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