How to Ace Your IT Job Interview

Congratulations! Your resume landed you an interview at your target company. But now the real work begins. In most cases, your application covers the key points about your experience. You will discuss these topics, but you need to have more to offer to the conversation than simply reiterating what the hiring manager already knows. To help you make a great impression on the hiring manager, here’s how to ace your IT job interview.

Discuss Your Soft Skills

In the vast majority of tech positions, soft skills are incredibly important. The hiring manager needs to know you can work well as part of a team, solve problems when they arise and communicate complex ideas to people who may have less experience in the field.

Often, you’ll have an opportunity to speak about a variety of previous workplace experiences and challenges during the interview – use these opportunities to tell stories that touch on your soft skills as well as technical competencies. Additionally, give yourself permission to let your personality come through during the meeting, and aim to maintain a friendly demeanor throughout.

Be Honest About What You Do (and Don’t) Know

The technical interview is becoming a staple for many IT positions. You’ll be asked to demonstrate your knowledge in real-time, often without any advance notice about the questions you will face. During these interviews, there is a chance you’ll be asked something for which you don’t have an answer. While it can be tempting to guess, this isn’t the best way to go. Instead, be honest if you don’t know the answer, but immediately follow up with what you would do to get the information you need.

This approach shows you have problem-solving skills (a soft skill) and you can think critically when under pressure.

Let Your Passion Shine Through

Most hiring managers know candidates who are enthusiastic about the subject matter are more likely to be engaged on the job and may be more productive. This makes showing your excitement about the tasks involved or the field in general works in your favor. If a part of the role is especially enticing, say so! And, if you’ve recently noticed an upcoming trend in the industry that is relevant to the conversation, feel free to add it. You can also show your passion for learning by inquiring about training opportunities the company may offer when you get a chance to ask questions at the end of the interview.

Meeting with a hiring manager about a great job opportunity is exciting, so make sure your enthusiasm shows when you discuss your experiences and how your capabilities could benefit the company.

If you would like to know more about how to ace your next IT job interview or are interested in exploring open positions in your field, the recruiters at The Squires Group can connect you with employers in your area. Contact us today to see what may be available to you.


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