The Most In-Demand Web Development Skills

Web developers continue to be one of the most sought-after categories of IT professionals in the job market. Businesses have become increasingly dependent on their web-based resources, and talented employees are needed to create new solutions and support existing systems.

In most cases, companies already have an established web presence, meaning few web development specialists are starting from scratch. However, the increased integration with databases and other internal systems means these workers are expected to have a deeper understanding beyond HTML. Additionally, the prevalence of mobile technology means many sites need to function smoothly on a range of devices of varying sizes. This means today’s web developers need a broader experience base than those of yesteryear.

To take advantage of the sustained demand for web specialists, here are the most in-demand skills you need in your repertoire.


With a substantial role in web development and e-commerce, many employers consider Java a necessity. It is prized for its flexibility, as code written in Java once can be applied to a multitude of environments and devices. If you’re interested in full-stack web developer positions, then Java is a must-have.


Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is a mainstay within the web development community.

In comparison to some other languages, JavaScript is fairly easy to learn. This can make it ideal for professionals interested in starting a career in web development who are looking to build their coding experience.


Another popular programming language that many companies seek is PHP. The script is often embedded within web pages featuring HTML code, serving as instructions that trigger specific actions when the page is requested. This helps businesses create dynamic HTML pages that display varying content depending on the results associated with the script and is popular with sites that require user logins, have associated forms, or include forums.


Favored for its portability, Python is another language that is considered relatively easy to learn. It can be interpreted by a variety of operating systems, making it ideal for environments that feature more than one. Additionally, the syntax is clear and highly readable, making it simpler to use. Python can also be used with Microsoft’s Active Server Page (ASP), making it a common requirement for businesses that prefer that system.

Soft Skills

While technical ability is critical to your success as a web developer, employers are also looking for professionals with the right soft skills.

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