Tips for Hiring Top Cybersecurity Talent

Cybersecurity is increasingly a top priority for companies in nearly any industry. As a result, securing the best and brightest cybersecurity professionals is a must. Otherwise, your systems and data may not be as well protected as you hoped.

While competition for such talent is fierce, there are things you can do to improve your odds of hiring a top cybersecurity expert. Here are some hiring tips to help you locate the right candidate quickly and efficiently.

Real-World Experience

Every cybersecurity team needs at least a few seasoned professionals with real-world experience. While purely academic credentials can be fine for entry-level roles, when you are hiring for anything more complex, find candidates with genuine experience that have put their skills to the test in a similar environment, or have previously worked for a company highly focused on cybersecurity.

Real-world experience means the job seeker has been put through the paces. Plus, they’ve likely encountered challenging and stressful situations that required niche-specific problem solving, and that can be incredibly valuable as well.

Provide Growth and Learning Opportunities

Leading professionals often thrive when they can grow professionally. By offering chances to learn – either formally or informally – you are a more attractive potential employer in the eyes of top talent.

Plus, since the cybersecurity landscape changes rapidly, providing educational options allows you to ensure your team remains up to date and aware of the newest threats. This makes them more effective in their roles.

Consider making a variety of options available, such as formal training, mentorship programs, sending them to conferences and other forms of ongoing education. That way, your best and brightest can use approaches that align with their needs and preferences as well as the company’s, creating additional value across the board.

Expand Your Talent Pipeline

Not every cybersecurity professional relies on the same resources when looking for opportunities. If you don’t expand your reach, you may miss out on an exceptional candidate simply because they never knew you were hiring.

Look beyond large job boards and your company website as a means of expanding your pipeline. Embrace social media either as a recruitment source or as a way of increasing interest in your organization. Reach out to local schools and boot camps to connect with recent graduates and contact various professional organizations to tap additional talent.

Finally, working with a recruitment agency can be an excellent option when you need highly skilled candidates quickly. Staffing firms have robust professional networks and frequently remain connected to passive job seekers. Plus, they are focused on the recruitment and hiring process, so their expertise can be a valuable resource.

If you are looking for top talent, the team at The Squires Group can connect you with some of the area’s leading cybersecurity professionals. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive recruitment and hiring services, and see how our approach can make it easier than ever to find the right cybersecurity professionals quickly and efficiently.

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