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Key Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2024

With 2024 on the horizon, employers are preparing to meet their hiring goals for the upcoming year. A critical component of success is understanding how various trends will impact recruitment. By knowing about emerging patterns, companies can adapt their processes and expectations to align with the current landscape. If you want to ensure hiring success… Read more »

Becoming a Stronger Workforce Leader

Successful companies all have one thing in common: they have strong workforce leaders. Managers and other higher-ups are a guiding light for employees, serving as a model who can guide them through challenges and put everyone on a path that helps them excel. Through their actions, leaders can make employees more capable and confident, leading… Read more »

Certifications in Tax Compliance: Are They Worth Pursuing?

As a tax professional, it’s common to wonder whether pursuing certifications in tax compliance is worthwhile. While they aren’t necessarily required by all employers for every position, having the right tax professional certifications is typically worth considering. Here’s a look at the benefits of having certifications in tax compliance, as well as the tax professional… Read more »

6 People You Should Reach Out to After You’ve Been Laid Off

Being laid off is never easy, as it often means you have to launch a job search somewhat unexpectedly. Fortunately, you can make the process easier by connecting with the right people quickly once you’ve learned the layoff is taking place. Here are six people you should reach out to after you’ve been laid off.… Read more »

Discover The Squires Group: Staffing Excellence and Community Engagement

When you’re looking for a new job, partnering with a staffing firm is an excellent option. Along with getting access to more opportunities, it provides you with resources and additional support, making the process less intimidating. However, not all recruitment agencies are created equal, and The Squires Group consistently works to separate itself from the… Read more »

Hot Job: Java Developer

Today, demand for Java developers is high, and it’s continuing to rise. As a result, professionals with Java development skills and experience can find a variety of exciting opportunities. Here’s an overview of the currently available Java developer positions through The Squires Group. Fully Cleared Java Application Developer – Annapolis Junction, MD The Squires Group… Read more »

Achieve Your Goals with The Squires Group

When you’re seeking out new job opportunities, ensuring your next position elevates your career is a popular goal. Unfortunately, identifying vacancies that make that a possibility is often surprisingly tricky. Plus, job searches and hiring processes can be challenging to navigate, and that can leave you unsure about whether you’ll do well once you find… Read more »

Empowering Gen Z for Career Success

Today, older members of Gen Z are taking their first steps into the workforce, and many are doing so with a degree of uncertainty. Due to the pandemic, the employment landscape has unfamiliar aspects that make some of the advice often given to (and provided by) past generations hard to apply. As a result, it’s… Read more »

Continuous Learning and Skill Enhancement in IT

Few fields change and evolve quite as quickly as IT. New technologies seem to be released every day, and existing solutions often get feature additions that enhance their current capabilities. As an IT professional, continuous learning and skill enhancement are, therefore, critical. Here’s a look at why they’re essential, along with a few strategies that… Read more »

How Big Data and Analytics Are Transforming Finance Roles

Big data and analytics allow companies to harness the information they’re collecting and generate valuable insights by reviewing the data from different angles. Whether it’s identifying emerging trends or finding existing long-term patterns, big data and analytics help organizations uncover opportunities to capitalize on, allowing them to elevate their business. In the world of finance… Read more »