What keeps you up at night?

Meeting deadlines? Delivering solutions? Defending your budget?

Whatever the challenge, the answer is the same. You need people.

People with the right skills. The right experience. And the right attitude.

That’s what The Squires Group delivers.

Technical talent. Security cleared talent. Financial talent.
When and where you need it.

Imagine yourself In the Perfect Space.

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The Squires Group Talent Solutions


Our network includes more than 30,000+ active technical & financial professionals.

Short-term projects. Long-range strategic initiatives. And everything in between. We provide on-demand access to people with the highly specialized skills and experience you require.

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Not sure if you’re ready for a full-time hire?
Need to “test out” a candidate before committing to an offer?

Our consultant-to-hire service eliminates the risk of hiring mistakes. We find the candidate, place them on your staff (but our payroll), until you’re 100% ready to hire.

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Career Placement

Shorten your search for top talent.

At The Squires Group, we eat, sleep and breathe recruiting. We know how to find talent, and we are able to recruit from places you can’t (like your direct competitors).

As your recruiting partner, we take responsibility for sourcing and vetting candidates, and then we provide you with a short list of the most highly qualified individuals.

Let us help you hire better. Hire faster. And hire smarter.

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