Hitting the Glass Ceiling to Big Opportunities

PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS Financials

Supported in:

  • Functional Experts
  • Technical Experts

Consultant History

For many senior technical professionals, their career growth hits a glass ceiling and the only growth opportunity for them within large consulting firms is to manage larger teams or projects and/ or have revenue generation goals. With that comes the responsibility of writing proposals, conducting project reviews and team member reviews.

The Challenge

Some of the senior IT professionals would rather focus their time on solving technical problems. They prefer focusing on their technical strengths rather than expanding their responsibilities in areas where they are not comfortable.

The Solution

We specialize in identifying opportunities for these senior professionals where they can contribute as subject matter experts when others on the team rely on their technical skills rather than their people skills. Also, in that role they are not saddled with tasks like performance evaluations, goals assessment, proposal writing, etc. This allows them to expand their expertise in areas they love.

The Success

We have identified technically challenging opportunities for growth and helped them stay focused on their technical skills.