It’s a Dog’s Life!

Find out more about what our furry friends mean to us.

No matter what day you stop by our office in West Annapolis, you’re bound to see one of our four legged friends. They connect our team in many ways – and provide us with much-needed: comic relief, stress relief, get out and go relief, “let’s take a walk with Lucy because it’s beautiful” relief and so much more.

That’s why we donate generously to HART, Animal Legal Defense Fund and Ben’s Cruise, which is sponsored locally by PAWS…it’s just one more way of giving back to the animals that have given so much to us.

Lucy & Lara

Lara’s neighbor, Oma, was like a grandmother to her, and the bond they formed led Lara to her beloved Lucy. “My parents got a call one evening that Oma had fallen down the stairs and needed someone to watch Lucy.” Oma ended up in a rehab center for several months recovering from her injuries, and during that time, Lara cared for Lucy. “While Oma was in rehab, she realized that Lucy had found such a great home with us that she decided to make our home Lucy’s new permanent home!”

Lucy is always easy going, she enjoys traveling, people and playing with other dogs, which makes The Squires Group office a perfect fit for her. In the office she is known as the “therapy dog” due to her snuggly, calming personality. She has many nicknames including “Lucy Loo” and “Lucy Goosie.”

Some of her favorite office members are Apurva, Eric and Nancy; she enjoys greeting everyone daily as they come in. While Lara is busy recruiting or managing social media for Squires, Lucy enjoys chasing the ball down the hallways, taking naps and sitting in the office windowsills while keeping watch of the neighborhood squirrels.

Bug & Shannon

At her cousin’s birthday party, Shannon not only brought a gift, she also went home with one. A box of rescued puppies came into the party in hopes of finding new homes, and for Bug, his dream came true – he was adopted into a new home.

Bug, also known as “Bug-a-Boo,” has “little dog syndrome” according to Shannon. He loves people, and he’s very talkative. After coming into the office about three years ago, Bug developed a special love for Eric, The Squires Group President, who speaks to him in his “native language” of Spanish.

Bug is always excited to come into the office. His favorite office activities are playing with his Bret Michaels chew toy, and taking naps after his bursts of energy while Shannon is hard at work in our Finance and Accounting group.

Gatsby & Nancy

Nancy’s involvement with the organization HART for Animals led her to find her newest dog, Gatsby. During a raffle and adoption day for the grand opening of the new HART facility that Squires helped fund, Nancy spotted a poodle that was up for adoption.

She continually watched him throughout the day, and asked to take him for a walk at the end of the grand opening to see if he would get along with her Italian Greyhound, Romeo – whom Nancy also rescued. The two got along perfectly, and since Nancy “always wanted a ‘doodle dog’,” she decided to take him home.

Gatsby is spirited but gentle, regal but friendly. At the office he is also known as “Gatters.” Gatsby enjoys lounging and observing, as well as chasing the ball down the hallway for exercise. Gatsby and Romeo make a daily appearance at the Squires office to hang out alongside Nancy while she works.

Elsa & Christine

Christine and her Tennessee-born dog Elsa came together through the K-9 Life Savers organization. Elsa, also known as “Beanbag,” is a very friendly dog, who has been coming to the office since she was only a few weeks old; she comes to the office an average of three times a week.

Elsa enjoys chasing the ball down the hallway, taking naps and hanging out with her puppy pals, Bug, Lucy and Romeo. Although she can be timid, Elsa is spunky and loving to those around her.


Jane and her Australian Shepherd, Jayhawk, came together through a series of unplanned events that ultimately ended in fate. Jane and her husband saw a flyer of puppies for adoption from a local family who had two beautiful dogs and wanted to show their daughters life coming into the world. Initially, Jane wanted to adopt Rosie, so she called the family, only to find out that Rosie had already been adopted into a new home. The family put Jane’s name on a list for the next litter in case she would still be looking for a dog. Sure enough, eight weeks later, Jane received a phone call that the new litter of puppies had been born, and the “pick of the litter” was still available. So, Jane went out to meet him, and Eddie, the “pick of the litter,” turned into Jayhawk.

Jayhawk began his Frisbee competition career when he was just 18 months old. Jayhawk was a natural when it came to catching the disc – “he has an amazing drive, it was really Scott and me that needed to be trained,” says Jane. Jayhawk then joined an agility class at Home Grown Dog Sports where he was introduced to Mid Atlantic Disc Dogs, a local chapter of Skyhoundz Disc Dog Competitions.

Some of the different events at the competitions include: Spot landing, where discs are thrown into three circles, and the dog is scored on the number of catches made within the circle; Bull’s-eye, where the trainer stands in the middle circle with two discs, and throws it into two adjacent circles where the dog then catches it in the air, and Freestyle; a 90-second choreographed Frisbee routine to the song of your choice. Bull’s-eye is Jayhawk’s strongest event.

Jayhawk has several ribbons and one plaque from his accomplishments. “The sport is an amazing bonding experience between you and your dog – We have had kids as young as six compete and adults as old as 82… It has been one of the most friendly, welcoming groups I have ever been a part of…” says Jane, regarding the Skyhoundz Disc Dog Competitions.

Tinkerbell & Rachel

Rachel knew she had met her life-long pal, Tinkerbell, the moment she first saw her when going to pick out a puppy. Although Tinkerbell, otherwise known as “Tinky,” is a shy gal, she does enjoying coming into the office and sitting under her Momma’s desk in her doggy bed while she works. One of her favorite office activities is hiding chew sticks, which Rachel says, is “an absolute trip to watch.”

When Tinkerbell’s puppy-pal, Mercedes, comes in, she enjoys running around with the office with her and playing, as well as cuddling together in Tinkerbell’s doggy bed. One thing is for sure, Tinkerbell is loyal to Rachel like no other!

Riley & Jen

Nine years ago at the Howard County Animal Shelter, Jen found her sweet boy, Riley. Not knowing her mother would pass four months later, Jen says Riley came into her life at the perfect time. Riley helped Jen cope, giving her lots of joy and love in her time of need. She says, “We were destined to be in each other’s lives…my favorite part of the day is coming home to him and seeing how happy he is to see me, wiggling his tail with excitement.”

Around the office, Riley is a laid-back kind of guy, some of the staff even jokes he should wear a smoking jacket and a monocle! He’s a mama’s boy who enjoys staying by Jen’s side and keeping an eye out for things. Some of Riley’s nicknames include “angel boy,” “sweet pea,” and “love bug.” Lucy is one of Riley’s favorite office dogs, but around lunch time, all the staff members become his favorite—he’s a sucker for snacks!

Bailey and Brenda

Bailey and Brenda met through HART For Animals, an organization The Squires Group continually sponsors. Bailey is a very affectionate pup who loves his owner, Brenda. He is Brenda’s mini shadow, following her wherever she goes. Bailey, also known as Bailey Bug or something Boobulla, has quite the crush on office dog, Lucy. Lucy is Bailey’s office-girlfriend, but when she’s not around, he spends his time mooching treats from team members Patti and Sandy, or sleeping in Nancy’s comfy office chair. Bailey is an active, loveable guy, who will instantly win you over with his affectionate puppy personality.

Zoey and Jan

Of the last six Great Danes Jan and her husband have owned, five have been rescues. Currently, they are privileged to share their home with Indigo, a blue Dane and Zoey, a brindle/spreckled Dane. Zoey came from an Amish breeder in Ohio. Although she was born blind in one eye, was a runt and an unrecognized AKC color, they would have bred her had she not been surrendered. She is currently well into her tenth year (along with her step-sister, Indie), as you can see from the photo, she is enjoying her golden years!

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