Here Are 3 Tips to Make Your Job Postings Stand Out

Today, companies are struggling to snag top talent for their open positions. When the competition is fierce, seizing opportunities to stand out becomes increasingly essential. Since job postings are usually the first chance you have to connect with a candidate, they’re typically the best place to start. When your job postings are intriguing to potential… Read more »

5 Tips to Drive Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a critical part of the broader success equation. When your workforce is engaged, they’re more productive and loyal. Plus, they’ll be better at supporting your customers, increasing satisfaction for them, too. While boosting employee engagement often seems tricky, certain approaches are nearly guaranteed to bring positive results. Here are five tips to… Read more »

Are You Looking in the Right Places to Recruit New Employees?

Recruiting talent is increasingly difficult in the current landscape. Companies are having to compete for top candidates, making it harder to secure the new hires you need to thrive. Additionally, retention is increasingly problematic for many businesses, particularly as competition for skilled professionals drives salaries up and boosts benefits packages at competitors. Fortunately, you can… Read more »

How Covid-19 is Impacting the Job Market in 2022

At this point, the pandemic has been a factor for essentially two years, altering daily life for people all across the country. While the effects may not be as dramatic today, COVID-19 will continue to impact the job market in 2022. Here’s a look at how COVID-19 is influencing processes, procedures, expectations, and more. How… Read more »

Should You Make a Lateral or Vertical Career Move in 2022?

Should You Make a Lateral or Vertical Career Move in 2022? The Squires Group

As a new year gets underway, many professionals focus on their careers, particularly how they can take theirs to the next level. Often, this means securing a new position. However, what kind of job change is best may be up for debate. If you’re trying to decide if a lateral or vertical move is best… Read more »

Retaining Your Top Performers Will Remain a Challenge This Year

Retaining Your Top Performers Will Remain a Challenge This Year The Squires Group

In 2022, retaining top performers is going to be a challenge for most employers. Since the pandemic, the landscape has changed dramatically. Along with pervasive skill gaps, labor shortages are making it harder for companies to access the talent they need. Additionally, the shifting perception professionals have of employers will also play a role. Today’s… Read more »

There Are a Few Ways Automation Can Help Improve Employee Productivity

When it comes to improving productivity, automation is a powerful tool. It can streamline operations and facilitate more consistent results. Plus, it can give your employees more time to focus on activities that genuinely require the human touch, freeing them from repetitive tasks with consistent executions and little need for human insights. Precisely how automation… Read more »

How to Successfully Manage a Hybrid Workforce

Today, an increasing number of companies are embracing hybrid workforces. The combined in-office and remote approach provides employees with a range of benefits, including increased flexibility and better work-life balance. As a result, it can make recruitment and retention easier. Plus, it can allow companies to hire outside of their immediate area, further reducing any… Read more »

How to Make Sure Your Company Has a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Companies that create cultures that support diversity and inclusion often outperform competitors that don’t make that effort. However, while managers are typically aware of that benefit, not all know how to make positive changes in those areas. As a result, while they may have the best of intentions, their execution can be lacking. By examining… Read more »