Refer A Client

We love finding new partners. Do you mind playing matchmaker?

We’re excited! We’ve developed a referral program which includes bonuses for new Candidate and new Client referrals. (As long as you are not a current Squires Group employee directly involved in sales, marketing and recruiting, you are eligible!)

Here’s the plan:

New Clients: Refer a client and earn cash.

The Squires Group will pay $1.00 per every hour billed up to a maximum of $1,500 for a referred project, when an individual is placed on the new project. To qualify, The Squires Group must not be currently aware of the opportunity or marketing to the specific contact at the organization that has the openings.

Do a friend a favor.

Do you know someone looking for some great people? We can help! Refer them to The Squires Group by filling out the form below.

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