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These 3 Tips Will Help You Network Better in a Remote Work World

Networking has long been a critical part of career success. However, in today’s remote-first world, connecting with professionals who could potentially help you advance isn’t as simple as it was previously. While conferences and similar in-person events are returning, they are always as accessible as they were pre-pandemic. Additionally, even engagements with other employees aren’t… Read more »

Learn How to Use Your Soft Skills to Move into a Management Position

While practically all technologists start their careers as individual contributors, most hope to transition into management in time. Often, successfully moving in that direction requires more than strong technical capabilities. After all, once you start leading others, you’ll spend less time handling daily tasks and more time guiding teams or departments. As a result, your… Read more »

Can DevOps Skills Help You Land Your Next Job?

Today, DevOps engineers are increasingly common within tech teams and company hierarchies. While that clarifies that those specializing in DevOps can find opportunities with greater ease, it isn’t always easy to see how that could impact other technologists. Many tech professionals are trying to figure out if they’ll need DevOps skills to stay ahead in… Read more »

Are You Interested in Web Development Training? Check Out This Guide

Today, we live in an interconnected, digital world. Information, products, and services are always just a few clicks away, often thanks to the hard work of web developers. Web development is a unique facet of the broader technology landscape. It combines form and function, requiring both technical expertise and artistic flair to create truly engaging… Read more »

What Are Some of the Most Popular Programming Languages with Developers?

With so many programming languages out there, it isn’t a surprise that developers have preferences regarding what they’d rather use. It could be differences in capabilities or features that allow one to become a favorite. In some cases, it’s the simplicity of a language that attracts fans. If you’re curious about the most popular programming… Read more »

What Are the Software Engineer Skills Employers Want Most?

Whether you’re getting ready to apply for your next software engineer position or want to launch a new career in software engineering, your skillset matters. By having the capabilities that today’s employers want most, you’ll have an easier time landing interviews and securing a lucrative new position. While every employer may have different requirements for… Read more »

How to Successfully Manage a Hybrid Workforce

Today, an increasing number of companies are embracing hybrid workforces. The combined in-office and remote approach provides employees with a range of benefits, including increased flexibility and better work-life balance. As a result, it can make recruitment and retention easier. Plus, it can allow companies to hire outside of their immediate area, further reducing any… Read more »

Learn About the Top-Paying Programming Languages

As a developer, there are numerous ways to boost your earning potential. However, one of the clearest differentiators that can lead to surprisingly different salaries is the programming languages you know. Developers with expertise in the right programming languages can out-earn others in the field, at times significantly. As a result, by adding the right… Read more »

5 Common Interview Questions for Technical Program Managers

Preparing to interview for a technical program manager position usually means practicing answers to interview questions that are likely to arise. Along with classic questions, you want to make sure you are ready for responses to role-specific questions. If you are trying to figure out which ones you should be prepared to answer, here’s a… Read more »