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Will Work from Anywhere Become the New Work from Home?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies initially had little choice but to allow their teams to work from home. As a result, an increasing number of organizations enjoy a range of benefits that the arrangement can provide, including higher productivity and significant cost savings. That has led many to embrace the paradigm, potentially to… Read more »

Will Remote Job Interviewing Affect Hiring Bias?

Hiring bias has long been a bane, particularly in the tech industry. While many companies strive to meet diversity goals and to be inclusive, a significant number still struggle. Unconscious bias can be tough to combat, partially because people aren’t aware of those biases. The transition to remote job interviewing doesn’t inherently make hiring bias… Read more »

How to Find a Tech Job After Being on an Extended Hiatus

Many technologists take breaks from their careers. In some cases, the reasoning behind stepping back is personal, such as recovering from burnout or addressing a family health issue. However, others may have ended up on an extended hiatus involuntarily, as can happen when you’re hit with a surprise layoff. In many cases, finding a tech… Read more »

Little Fixes That’ll Make a Big Difference on Your Home Office Setup

With so many people suddenly working from home, 2020 became the year of the home office. Many professionals scramble to claim any space and surface they had available in the early days of the pandemic, often assuming the arrangement would be short-lived. Today, with COVID-19 remaining a threat, it’s clear that remote work is here… Read more »

These Are the Most Important Programming Languages Employers Want You to Have

As a technologist, the programming languages you know impact your career. Specific languages are, and will likely remain, in-demand, while others may fall by the wayside. By knowing which programming languages employers want you to have, you are in a position to bolster your career. It gives you insights about what skills to gain or… Read more »

When Looking at Remote Work in 2020, Cybersecurity is Increasingly Important

While 2021 is on the horizon, companies are still battling against the challenges 2020 brought with it. COVID-19 led to unprecedented situations, including shelter-in-place orders that made remote work practically mandatory. COVID-19, Remote Work, and the Rise of Cybersecurity COVID-19 is nothing short of a crisis, and it isn’t over yet. Many areas are seeing… Read more »

Stay Healthy with National Handwashing Awareness Week

Did you know the first week in December is National Handwashing Awareness Week? And, with COVID cases spiking around the country, keeping our hands clean is one of the best lines of defense. So, get your workplace involved and have everyone brush up on their handwashing knowledge. Why Handwashing Works When you wash your hands,… Read more »

Learn How to Adjust Your Tech Resume for 2020

For the majority, 2020 has been an unconventional year. Work paradigms often shifted with little notice, fundamentally altering where and how people handle their responsibilities. If you’re looking for a new job, you may be wondering if you need to approach your tech resume differently. After all, these times are a bit unique, and you… Read more »

Learn How to Make the Most Out of Working from Home

Due to COVID-19, more professionals are spending their workdays at home as part of the remote workforce. While this was initially thought to be short-term, it’s clear that it may extend for months more as time has passed. For some, it may even be permanent. Most professionals had little time to adjust to the idea… Read more »