Does Your Business Culture Matter to Prospective Employees?

Every business operating has a particular culture regardless of its size. It is a reflection of the company’s values, attitudes and priorities based on the actions of its employees and leadership. Additionally, the physical environment is also considered part of the larger equation. And cumulatively, the culture can be seen as a positive or a… Read more »

Minimizing Millennial Turnover

One of the biggest complaints regarding millennials in the workforce is their reputation of being job hoppers. Hiring managers are hesitant to choose candidates who appear to have short histories with their previous employers, especially since the investment required to get a new employee settled in can be quite high. So, how do you separate… Read more »

The Secrets of Increasing Productivity Through Team Building

Every workplace talks about the importance of teamwork for accomplishing goals, and team building is often part of the larger discussion. Simply talking about functioning as a team isn’t enough to actually bring co-workers together. Companies need to create methods to bring individuals together for better team function. But why is team building important to… Read more »

3 Questions to Ask Your IT Candidates

Evaluating IT Candidates isn’t always an easy process. You want to make sure they have the skills you need today as well as those you may need tomorrow. Before you make a selection, make sure that you ask these three questions to ensure your new employee will truly fit the bill. Are there any current… Read more »

Listen More, Lead More

There is a difference between hearing what your employees are saying and truly listening to what is being said. Through listening, a leader can create stronger relationships with members of their team while gaining insights regarding what they value. Additionally, it will better position you to help guide employees through challenging times, allowing them to… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Millennial Talent Burnout in the Busy Season

Many employees struggle with burnout during the holidays. The increase in family obligations combined with year-end activities at work can leave many feeling pulled in too many directions. This can be especially true of millennials who are new to the workforce. It is common for millennials to have additional tasks beyond work and family. They… Read more »

Hiring Redefined Part 3 | The Fit Factor

Part three of the three-part series on redefining how you hire new employees brings attention to the fit factor. While many organizations put significant focus on finding candidates with the right skills, there is more involved in an employee’s success in a position. Finding someone who fits into the business’ culture is also important, along… Read more »

It’s a New Workday!

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, software has been around for a long time. Even while traditional ERP vendors like Oracle and SAP seem to have stagnated, there are still improvements to be had. And that is where Workday comes in. Workday offers ERP software using one of the more modern formats, software as a service… Read more »

Hiring Redefined Part 2 | Hiring for Outcomes and Potential

Part two of the three-part series on redefining how you hire new employees introduces the idea of hiring for outcomes and potential. Most hiring managers focus on the skills and experience a candidate has to offer. But there is more to the equation when it comes to determining a candidate’s success. By identifying your ideal… Read more »

Can Your Workplace Bridge the IT Generation Gap?

As Millennials become the dominant generation in the workforce, many businesses find themselves dealing with a generation gap within teams and across the organization. With many Baby Boomers delaying retirement and Gen X-ers fully entrenched in their careers, seeing Millennials move up through the ranks can be a sign of shifts for which they are… Read more »