What Does It Take to be a Successful Project Manager?

If your goal is to be an effective project manager, you need a specific combination of skills. While many professionals focus on the technical parts of the job, especially when the projects relate to IT, there are numerous other soft skills which are just as important, if not more so, to your overall success. Whether… Read more »

What’s Driving the Exodus of Top Technical Talent in the Federal Space?

Federal positions used to be seen as a boon to most professionals, including those working in the IT space. The jobs were coveted for their stability and strong benefits package, making them especially attractive as long-term career options. However, over recent years, the appeal is beginning to falter, leaving some to abandon their government positions… Read more »

Looking for a Job? Take Advantage of LinkedIn!

Did you know that employers are using LinkedIn for more than simply vetting applicants? They are using it to list job openings and reach out to potential candidates too. Recruiters are also very active on LinkedIn, using the platform to identify job seekers who might be suitable for a wide range of openings. With so… Read more »

Four Essential Interview Questions to Hire Great Web Developers

Traditionally, web developers are responsible for crafting a significant portion of your public-facing identity, making it especially critical to get the right candidate into the role. Without the ideal mix of traits, your business could suffer if potential customers aren’t impressed with your web presence. Typically, evaluating a job seeker’s hard skills isn’t overly challenging,… Read more »

Interviewing for Cultural Fit

Even if a candidate has all of the right skills, that doesn’t guarantee they’re the best person for the job. Selecting an individual who doesn’t fit into the company’s culture could lead to issues, leading you to seek a replacement sooner than you originally planned. To help ensure you don’t make a costly mistake in… Read more »

Why Behavioral Interview Questions Are Important

When you’re hiring a new employee, you want to learn more than just what skills they have to offer. At a time when cultural fit is becoming more important in the workplace, you need to determine whether a candidate’s motivations, characteristics and personality are appropriate for the role. Behavioral interview questions are designed to help… Read more »

Are You Asking IT Candidates the Right Questions?

Many companies find it challenging to hire IT professionals, especially if the interviewer isn’t well-versed in the particular specialty. Often, a tech employee’s success isn’t just based on possessing the right skills, so a simple checkbox approach won’t be sufficient. To make sure you are hiring the right candidates, it’s important to ask the right… Read more »

Understanding the H1 Market

Companies looking for hard to find tech skills often consider turning to the H1-B visa program to find foreign workers to fill their positions. While the program can connect businesses with highly skilled candidates, it isn’t without a level of risk. Aside from the strict requirements for bringing in H1-B workers, there is also a… Read more »