What You Need to Know About Job Interviews Going Virtual in Response to COVID-19

Employers all around the country are having to adjust their hiring practices. The COVID-19 outbreak has made traditional in-person interviews less appealing for everyone. In some areas where shelter-in-place orders are in effect, they may not even be a reasonable option.

As a result, companies are taking job interviews into the virtual world. Video interviews let them address their hiring needs without the risks associated with face-to-face contact.

When preparing to take the leap into virtual interviews, all hiring managers need to take certain steps. If you want to make sure you’re ready, here’s what you need to do to prep for video candidate interviews.

Spend Time Preparing

Aside from the video conference-style approach of a virtual interview, the rest of the process is incredibly similar to an in-person one. As a result, you want to put as much time into preparation as you otherwise would.

Before the interview, spend time reviewing the job description, candidate’s resume, and any questions you have outlined. Make sure the portion of your office that ends up in the video’s frame is presentable and that you’ll be well lit. Download any software you need and send appropriate links to candidates well in advance.

Your goal should be to have as much in place before the meeting as possible. That way, you aren’t rushing to review materials, clean up your office, or handle a download at the last minute.

Let Candidates Know the Hows and Whys

You don’t just want to spring a video interview on a candidate. Ideally, you want to inform them early in the process that the meeting will be virtual. Additionally, you want to provide clear instructions regarding how to connect for the interview in advance. That way, if they have any questions, they can get the answers ahead of the meeting time.

It’s also a smart move to explain why the remote interview approach is the standard for now. While most candidates would assume that COVID-19 is behind the decision, a little context promotes greater transparency, and that’s rarely a bad thing.

Double-Check Your Tech

Spend a little time making sure that any technology you’ll be using is functional. Open up the conferencing software. Then, connect, set up, and test your camera, microphone, and speakers or headphones. You want to make sure that the video and audio are coming through clearly.

Additionally, if you are using external speakers, do a test call with a colleague. That allows you to make sure that the sounds from the speakers aren’t being picked up by the mic, which can cause a disruptive echo effect.

Encourage your candidates to take the same steps. That way, everyone can troubleshoot any issues before the scheduled interview time.

Ultimately, virtual interviews may be the standard for some time, at least until COVID-19 passes. If you’d like to learn more about navigating video interviews or updating your hiring strategies to account for the coronavirus outbreak, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today and see how our recruitment and hiring expertise can benefit you.

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