What Are the Most In-Demand Remote Tech Jobs?

During the pandemic, most office-based technology professionals were suddenly working from home, largely out of necessity. However, the situation incidentally created an opportunity, allowing tech specialists to showcase their ability to remain productive while working remotely. Plus, the paradigm shift also eased employer concerns about telecommuting. As a result, they’ve become increasingly open to the… Read more »

This Coding Language Is Having a Big Impact on Finance Firms

When choosing a programming language to add to your repertoire, it’s common to focus on classic options like Python, Java, and C++. However, some lesser-used languages are worth considering, especially those that are making waves in various industries. OCaml is one such language. It isn’t just concise and dynamic; OCaml is also turning heads in… Read more »

These 4 Tips Will Help You Turn a Job Rejection into an Opportunity

Whether you’ve experienced it once or a hundred times, a job rejection always stings. It typically feels as if something ended before it genuinely had a chance to begin, leaving you disheartened, frustrated, and, potentially, confused. While it may seem like there is little you can do after a job rejection, that isn’t the case.… Read more »

These 5 Tech Skills Will Help You Earn More

When it comes to salary growth potential, not all tech skills are created equal. While some can certainly support a technologist’s career, others can launch you forward. Not only will they lead to higher compensation now, but they can put you on a path toward long-term financial growth, often to the point of outpacing other… Read more »

Project Management is One of the Most In-Demand Tech Skills

Now that 2021 is well underway and an end to the pandemic seems to be in sight, companies are adjusting their hiring priorities. This is leading to a resurgence in demand for project management skills, causing it to be one of the most in-demand tech capabilities today. If you are wondering why project management skills… Read more »

Empathy Goes a Long Way in Creating Stronger Tech Teams

COVID-19 had a significant impact on the business world, including altering how companies manage their workforces. Additionally, the pandemic thrust employee well-being into the spotlight. While the most obvious reason for the spotlight was the health-related crisis, mental health issues, burnout, and similar concerns also garnered attention, particularly with so many tech teams working remotely.… Read more »

Did You Know That Recommendations Can Help You in Your Job Search?

When you are trying to land a new opportunity, finding unique ways to stand out from the competition is a must. It isn’t uncommon for hiring managers to have one – if not several – strong candidates with similar qualifications. When that happens, the hiring managers will emphasize differentiators, allowing them to determine who may… Read more »

4 Tips for Answering Questions About Working Remote

When you are applying for a remote job, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked about your telecommuting experience and related skills. Even if you aren’t asked about them directly, talking about them is a good idea, as it shows you can excel even if you aren’t in the office. If you need to prepare… Read more »

Little Fixes That’ll Make a Big Difference on Your Home Office Setup

With so many people suddenly working from home, 2020 became the year of the home office. Many professionals scramble to claim any space and surface they had available in the early days of the pandemic, often assuming the arrangement would be short-lived. Today, with COVID-19 remaining a threat, it’s clear that remote work is here… Read more »