Should You Seek a New Position or a Raise?

When you’re trying to secure your financial future by increasing your salary, you typically have two options. First, you can seek out a raise at your current company to boost your earnings. Second, you can find a new job opportunity that comes with higher pay. Both approaches have unique benefits and drawbacks. If you’re trying… Read more »

3 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work Each and Every Day

Staying motivated at work is tricky at times, regardless of the time of year. However, the holiday season is often one of the most challenging when it comes to maintaining motivation. Often, the holiday season is hectic. Shopping, gatherings, travel, school breaks, end-of-year tasks, and more can make it hard to remain focused. Fortunately, staying… Read more »

Tip or Treat: Don’t Scare Away Employees with These Management Styles

As the saying goes, employees don’t leave jobs; they leave managers. If your company embraces management styles that candidates and workers find distasteful, recruitment issues and retention trouble are almost guaranteed at your company. Fortunately, by steering clear of management styles that employees dislike, you can keep turnover low. Here’s a look at the management… Read more »

Are You Careful About What You Post on Social Media? You Should Be & Here’s Why

Most candidates know that having a professional presence on social media works in their favor when they’re seeking out opportunities. However, exercising caution when posting online is more critical today than in years past. Along with hiring managers increasingly vetting candidates’ social media presence, posts are being scrutinized more often during security background investigations. Security… Read more »

4 Signs You’re in the Wrong Job

Many issues on the job do resolve with time. However, not all of them do. As a result, many professionals end up spending far too long in positions that are legitimately a poor fit. While it may seem like remaining in the wrong job isn’t overly damaging, that isn’t typically the case. Job dissatisfaction can… Read more »

Improving Employee Morale and Productivity

Cultivating a highly productive workforce is a common priority among businesses in essentially every industry. While having the right systems and tools in place makes a difference, managing employee morale is a critical part of the equation, too. When employee morale is high, your workforce is happier overall. As a result, they’re more resilient when… Read more »

How Can You Make the Most of Your Workday Commute?

Many professionals believe that avoiding commutes and working from home is essential in a post-pandemic landscape. However, as more companies welcome employees back to a traditional workplace, remaining open-minded about a commute can be beneficial to your career, allowing you to explore an increasing number of opportunities. Plus, your workday commute can be an opportunity.… Read more »

Don’t Panic! Here’s What You Should Do If You Make a Mistake at Work

Everyone makes mistakes, even at work; that’s just a simple fact. When it’s a minor mishap, you may be able to handle everything without anyone being the wiser. However, some missteps are far more serious, potentially leading to legal troubles for your company, safety issues for you or others, significant financial losses, or near-irreparable damage… Read more »