Are You Looking in the Right Places to Recruit New Employees?

Recruiting talent is increasingly difficult in the current landscape. Companies are having to compete for top candidates, making it harder to secure the new hires you need to thrive. Additionally, retention is increasingly problematic for many businesses, particularly as competition for skilled professionals drives salaries up and boosts benefits packages at competitors. Fortunately, you can… Read more »

A Guide to a Successful Job Search

Managing a job search is tricky under the best of circumstances. However, it’s even harder if you’re currently employed. Often, giving your job search the time and energy it needs is difficult after a long day at work. This is particularly true if your personal responsibilities are also daunting. Fortunately, it’s possible to have a… Read more »

5 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Career

Social media can do more than help you stay connected with family and friends or remain entertained; it can boost your career. However, you need to use it the correct way, ensuring you make a strong, positive impression that can give you access to more opportunities. If you’re not sure how to begin, here’s a… Read more »

Top Job Hunting Trends to Keep In Mind This Year

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The pandemic has fundamentally altered the job market and job hunting trends. Today, employers have new priorities when evaluating candidates. Additionally, even with labor shortages, competition for certain roles – particularly those with employers of choice – can be surprisingly fierce. Thankfully, candidates can stay ahead of the curve. By being mindful of job hunting… Read more »

With Record Resignations This Year, Should You Stay or Should You Go?

stay or go

During the past year, professionals have been leaving their positions in droves. Many began seeing their careers and employers in a new light due to the pandemic. As a result, some decided that heading in a new direction was ultimately the best move, resulting in a mass exodus that shook the business landscape. But what… Read more »

Trying to Figure Out Your Next Career Move? Ask Yourself These Questions!

Keeping your career on target means being proactive. By taking ownership of your trajectory, you don’t leave your future to chance. However, figuring out where to go next can seem like a challenge, especially if you aren’t on a highly traditional or single-option linear career path. Fortunately, it is possible to figure out your next… Read more »

These Tips Will Help You Make a Great Impression at Your First Job

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or simply taking your initial steps into the workforce, making a great impression at your first job is essential. It helps you set the tone for your career and gives you access to more opportunities. In the end, new employees who shine often get the chance to participate in… Read more »

There Are a Few Ways Automation Can Help Improve Employee Productivity

When it comes to improving productivity, automation is a powerful tool. It can streamline operations and facilitate more consistent results. Plus, it can give your employees more time to focus on activities that genuinely require the human touch, freeing them from repetitive tasks with consistent executions and little need for human insights. Precisely how automation… Read more »

Learn What Not to Do When Applying to Remote Tech Positions

While remote work isn’t necessarily new, the number of remote tech positions grew substantially during the pandemic. Many companies learned the virtues of work-from-home arrangements. Along with boosting productivity, remote jobs can make recruitment more manageable, giving them access to more professionals. Many tech pros also prefer remote opportunities. Working from home can help support… Read more »