In an Economic Downturn, It’s Important to Have a Security Clearance

Today’s economic climate is daunting. Widespread unemployment has left many professionals reeling, including some who would never have guessed that their job security was at risk in any way. Additionally, even those who remain employed could be experiencing hardships, such as through hours reductions.

While states are now working to reopen, the road to economic recovery may be a long one. As a result, job seekers need credentials that set them apart from the pack or make them eligible for more opportunities. In some cases, that means having a security clearance.

How a Security Clearance Gives You an Advantage

A security clearance is a differentiator. First, it makes you eligible for certain opportunities that you cannot land without one. These can include a variety of government jobs as well as a range of federal contractor positions.

With a security clearance, the agency knows that you have been well vetted. This makes the idea of giving you access to sensitive data or systems less daunting, as the organization is reasonably confident that you’ll treat it appropriately. Since not all candidates come with a security clearance in hand, having one already makes you a more attractive candidate.

Second, a security clearance has a symbolic meaning. When hiring managers think of the kind of individual that would be awarded one, they likely envision a dedicated and trustworthy individual. By listing your security clearance on your resume, even if it isn’t required for a role, you benefit from that association. It leaves a stronger first impression, and that can make a difference when the competition is fierce.

The Demand for Professionals with a Security Clearance

There is a demand for professionals who already have a security clearance. Not long ago, there was a substantial change regarding who was awarded one, lessening the total number of individuals who earned the credential. Essentially, the supply was significantly decreased.

Additionally, when a position requires a security clearance, choosing a candidate that has one already streamlines the hiring process. There’s no concern that the applicant won’t pass the necessary checks, as they have already been vetted.

Plus, security clearances are costly to run. Many agencies would prefer not to have to deal with the financial burden for candidates that may not pass. By choosing one that already has a clearance, they are saving a substantial amount of money, making it an even more attractive option.

Ultimately, in today’s hiring climate, having a security clearance is wise. It makes you eligible for more opportunities as well as a more attractive candidate all around. If you have one, use it to your advantage. Make sure to include it on your resume and explore jobs that require them. That way, even during these challenging times, you can keep your career on track.

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