5 Ways to Grab the Attention of a Recruiter

Getting the attention of a recruiter can speed up your job search, allowing you to further your career in less time. Plus, it may let you access more opportunities than you otherwise could, including unadvertised openings at leading employers. Fortunately, standing out isn’t as difficult as it may seem. If you aren’t sure how to… Read more »

Are You Falling Out of Love with Your Job? The Squires Group Can Help

When you start a new job, the excitement can carry you for quite some time. However, once you’ve been in the role for a while, some of the initial shine starts to fade. In some cases, you may even fall out of love with your job, leaving you bored, frustrated, or burned out. Fortunately, you… Read more »

Tip or Treat: Don’t Scare Away Employees with These Management Styles

As the saying goes, employees don’t leave jobs; they leave managers. If your company embraces management styles that candidates and workers find distasteful, recruitment issues and retention trouble are almost guaranteed at your company. Fortunately, by steering clear of management styles that employees dislike, you can keep turnover low. Here’s a look at the management… Read more »

Are You Careful About What You Post on Social Media? You Should Be & Here’s Why

Most candidates know that having a professional presence on social media works in their favor when they’re seeking out opportunities. However, exercising caution when posting online is more critical today than in years past. Along with hiring managers increasingly vetting candidates’ social media presence, posts are being scrutinized more often during security background investigations. Security… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer During a Job Interview

Usually, the last question candidates face when interviewing for an open position is, “Do you have any questions for me?” While it may seem like saying “no” is a smart move, effectively demonstrating that you paid attention and feel well-informed, it isn’t the best choice. Instead, by asking intelligent questions, you come across as more… Read more »

Tips for Looking for a Job in a Different State

For many people preparing to relocate to a new state, finding a job at their destination is an essential part of the equation. At times, the move can’t happen until they officially have a job lined up, which makes a lengthy job search unappealing. The biggest issue is that landing a position in an area… Read more »

Dealing with Generational Gaps Among Coworkers

Today, many companies have at least four generations represented in their workplace. While every employee is undoubtedly unique, certain issues frequently arise due to different generations’ views on work. These disconnects can hinder communication, collaboration, and productivity, harming company operations. Often, professionals view generational gaps as a problem employers need to address. However, when they… Read more »

Should You Apply to Multiple Positions at the Same Company?

When you’re looking for a new job, you may notice several open positions at one company that seem like potential matches. However, the idea of sending your resume in several times, potentially having them screened by the same person, makes it hard to determine if you should go for them all. Whether it’s a good… Read more »

Are You Looking in the Right Places to Recruit New Employees?

Recruiting talent is increasingly difficult in the current landscape. Companies are having to compete for top candidates, making it harder to secure the new hires you need to thrive. Additionally, retention is increasingly problematic for many businesses, particularly as competition for skilled professionals drives salaries up and boosts benefits packages at competitors. Fortunately, you can… Read more »

5 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Career

Social media can do more than help you stay connected with family and friends or remain entertained; it can boost your career. However, you need to use it the correct way, ensuring you make a strong, positive impression that can give you access to more opportunities. If you’re not sure how to begin, here’s a… Read more »