4 Ways to Quickly Secure Top Tech Talent

Today, the national unemployment sits at a low 3.6 % (based on data from May 2019). However, it is even Today, the national unemployment sits at a low 3.6 % (based on data from May 2019). However, it is even lower for tech workers, falling closer to the 1.3 % mark. As a result, competition for top tech talent is incredibly fierce.

In order to secure the skills they need, companies have to act quickly when filling IT roles. Most of the best and brightest candidates don’t stay available for long, so delaying a hiring decision or having a lengthy process is going to cost businesses the talented tech pros they need to thrive.

To put it simply, speed must be a priority when filling tech positions. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice quality while still maintaining the ability to move fast. If you need to quickly secure top tech talent, here’s what you need to do.

Be Aggressive

The moment a skilled candidate enters your pipeline, reach out and engage them. If you wait too long, their interest in the role may diminish, or they might accept an opportunity elsewhere before you have a chance to extend an offer.

Don’t be afraid to contact candidates the moment their application comes through. Similarly, reach out using any available method, including calling their work number if you have access to it or texting their cell phone if a call goes to voicemail.

Be Flexible

Asking a candidate to adjust to your schedule isn’t ideal if you want to hire fast. Not all professionals can change the flow of their day to accommodate an interview, so you need to be the one who flexes.

If a candidate is only available during a time you’re in a meeting, reschedule your meeting. If they can’t meet during normal business hours, arrange an after-hours interview. In cases where getting to your location is an issue, consider meeting the candidate at a location that’s convenient for them, or opt for a video conference instead of an in-person interview.

By being adaptable, you are removing any obstacles that may hinder the candidate’s ability to meet. This allows things to move faster, increasing the odds you can secure your ideal fit.


Today, you can’t expect leading professionals to tackle a mountain of written tests and attend three or more interviews. Most top talent won’t make the time for these lengthy processes, or they’ll get scooped up before you have a chance to go through all the steps.

Instead, strive to streamline your process. Reduce the number of tests (or eliminate them entirely), conduct screening interviews quickly over the phone, and have the candidate interview in front of a panel of several people need to meet them and sign off on their selection.

Make the Initial Offer

As soon as you know a candidate is a great fit – even if it has only been minutes or hours since you held the interview – extend an initial verbal offer. Let them know they are the top contender and a formal offer is on its way. This lets the candidate know precisely where they stand and gives you time to handle the paperwork, increasing the odds they’ll be available when you are done.

By following the tips above, you can quickly secure top tech talent. If you’d like to find out more, the professionals at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our skilled recruitment team today and see how our hiring expertise can benefit you.

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