Military to Help Desk Journey

PeopleSoft Financials

Supported in:

  • Functional Experts
  • Technical Experts

Consultant History

An active US Air Force employee with an appropriate security clearance who had 27 years of service experience and management in the Human Resources function and was looking for career options after retiring from active duty.

The Challenge

The challenge was to identify the right career option to help them transition from active duty to a non-military position.

The Solution

One of our Senior Resource Managers reached out to this candidate to find out his willingness to use his “soft skills” to support an IT Help Desk initiative at an intelligence agency. Once we understood his interest, we presented his profile and highlighted his “soft skills” that would be key to helping support the Help Desk initiatives:

  • Human Resources experience
  • Resource Advisor to financial teams
  • Team building experience
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle stress

The Success

As a result of our in-depth discussion with our client, this candidate was selected for the Help Desk position. In fact, he was so impressed with his experience with The Squires Group that he ended up referring four other candidates who were in a similar position to make a transition to Help Desk.