Are You Looking in the Right Places to Recruit New Employees?

Recruiting talent is increasingly difficult in the current landscape. Companies are having to compete for top candidates, making it harder to secure the new hires you need to thrive. Additionally, retention is increasingly problematic for many businesses, particularly as competition for skilled professionals drives salaries up and boosts benefits packages at competitors. Fortunately, you can… Read more »

What Should You Consider Updating on Your Resume?

When you’re trying to land a new job, it’s wise to update your resume before every submission to align it with the position. While that’s common advice, many professionals aren’t sure precisely what they need to change. As a result, they may overlook critical adjustments or forgo making any updates, harming their chances of landing… Read more »

Following These 10 Steps Will Help You Advance Your Career

Building a successful career isn’t something that typically happens overnight. Instead, it’s a journey, one that you can optimize to enhance your success. If you want to make sure you can reach your goals, here are ten steps that will help you advance your career. Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel on Day One When… Read more »

Can Courses and Certifications Make You More Hireable?

There is a plethora of IT courses and certifications available today. Some of them are designed to help you gain new skills while others simply assert you have knowledge in a particular area. They are often advertised as a way to bigger and better career opportunities. But the bigger question is, do they actually make… Read more »

Understanding the H1 Market

Companies looking for hard to find tech skills often consider turning to the H1-B visa program to find foreign workers to fill their positions. While the program can connect businesses with highly skilled candidates, it isn’t without a level of risk. Aside from the strict requirements for bringing in H1-B workers, there is also a… Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of Job Searching While Employed

Most employers understand that not every worker is going to stay with the company forever. However, that doesn’t mean it is easy to manage a job search while you are currently working for someone else. Depending on your reasons for leaving, it can be difficult to decide how transparent you wish to be with your… Read more »

The Latest Trends in Benefits and Salary for the IT Industry

As tech companies fight over top talent, businesses must meet candidate expectations in the areas of salary and benefits to find the potential employees they need to support their operations. The offerings of even a few years ago aren’t necessarily going to measure up in today’s job market, so it is important to review the… Read more »

Why They’re Not Even Getting to Your Resume

  Thanks to the internet, applying to jobs has never been easier! Often, you simply upload a resume or complete an application, click submit and wait to hear back. But you may be surprised to find out many hiring managers are never getting your resume even if you are highly qualified for the position. And… Read more »

Making the Transition From Public Accounting to the Private Sector

  Many accounting professionals who begin their careers in public accounting firms consider shifting to the private sector at some point. While much of the foundational education requirements are similar, the two careers are actually quite different. However, it is possible to make the transition from public accounting to the private sector. To help you… Read more »

10 Things Your Staffing Agency Won’t Tell You

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