What to do if Your Job is Too Stressful

As the saying goes “You work to live, you don’t live to work.” If you find yourself leaving the office each day feeling exhausted and anxious only to spend your off hours worrying about assignments and deadlines, it suggests that your job is too stressful. You might be able to weather the strain for now,… Read more »

What to Do if You Have an Easy Job

Sometimes a blessing is in fact a curse, and that’s especially true when it comes to employment. An easy job can seem great at first as you effortlessly complete assignments and head for home each day feeling free of stress and pressure. But over time you grow bored with your work while realizing that your… Read more »

3 Things to Seek in a New Job

Finding too many job opportunities can be just as bad as finding too little. When you’re inundated with vacant positions that you feel qualified for and intrigued by, it can make focusing your application efforts a real challenge. You end up applying for too many, too quickly and come off as a lesser caliber candidate as… Read more »

3 Resume Tips for Consulting Positions

The way you present yourself on a consulting resume is a lot different than a typical job-seeking resume. Normally you would want to stress your reliability, consistency, and long-term focus. On a consulting resume, you want to demonstrate that you can adapt to anything, make a deep impact, and produce fast results. It’s an entirely… Read more »

3 Ways to Know a Consultant is Loyal

The decision to bring in a consultant can’t be made lightly. You will take on a new expense, interrupt your natural workflows and team dynamic, and place a bet that your company will come out stronger in the end. With so much on the line, you need to be sure you’re hiring the right consultant.… Read more »