Joanne Furton – Assistant Facility Security Officer (AFSO) and Executive Assistant to the CEO

Squire Group, Joanne Furton

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Joanne worked for Martin Marietta and completed the Manufacturing Development Program which encompassed all phases of manufacturing. From there she moved to Northrop Grumman as an industrial engineer and worked in the Manufacturing and Software Services Division, developing a commercial material procurement strategy. She had the lead responsibility for developing material and labor quotes for new business proposals. Joanne joins The Squires Group after taking time off to raise her children. Her role is to assist Nancy in a wide variety of activities.

Joanne is a native Maryland resident and currently resides in Millersville with her husband and three children.

Position: Assistant Facility Security Officer (AFSO) and Executive Assistant to the CEODepartment: Operations

Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Joanne:

How I let my hair down: I like to stay busy and enjoy going to my kids’ games, spending time with my family and working out.

My fortune cookie wisdom is: “Life is not about making others happy, life is about sharing your happiness with others!”

In my dreams I drive: An Audi Q5.

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