Nancy Squires – Founder and CEO

Squires Group, Nancy Squires

A graduate of Virginia Tech, Nancy started her career in the Information Technology industry over 22 years ago. She “fell” into the business after several years as a legislative aide for a congressman on Capitol Hill. By answering an ad for a technical recruiter, Nancy started on the road to a very different career from the executive branch of the government.

Through hard work, several companies and mentors later, Nancy acquired a thorough understanding of the IT consulting industry in management, sales and recruiting. After her last position, as director of commercial systems, Nancy decided to start a company that would cater to a smaller group of clients and build a boutique consulting and career placement business.

In 1995, Nancy formed The Squires Group, Inc. and the company is currently experiencing unprecedented growth in business. Nancy provides the strategic direction, concentrates on the financial infrastructure and focuses on core systems management at The Squires Group.

Fun Facts

How I let my hair down: I enjoy reading biographies.

In my dreams I drive: A Bentley.

My fortune cookie wisdom is: “Take responsibility for your actions.”

I support these charities: Ready Willing and Working and HART for Animals

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