Cyber Security and the Commercial Space

In today’s business world, cyber security is becoming a major issue. In too many cases, protecting company assets from hackers and outside intruders is becoming a kind of ‘arms race’ where security experts and hackers continue to up the ante with new security techniques and clever strategies for either protecting items like web analytics data sets and trade secrets, or compromising data and shutting down systems.

The Threat
What business consultants are finding is that most businesses are vulnerable to a wide range of cyber attacks annually. Studies show dozens of attacks aimed at the average business, and items like this news article from the Baltimore Business Journal show just how ubiquitous these attacks are, citing numbers from former U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson that estimate a total of $250 billion related to the theft of data sets from cyber attacks against U.S. businesses.

The Challenges
A variety of challenges are confronting businesses that try to go forward with better cyber security. One major challenge is endpoint security, or the task of protecting data on network endpoints such as computer screens, mobile phones and tablets. Portable devices, often part of a now popular ‘bring your own device’ or BYOD movement, are leaving a lot of different types of company data vulnerable to theft, partially because employees often use the same device for business and personal use.

Other challenges involve understanding all modern security threats and building the right tools into all areas of a network, from data input to data storage.

Security Solutions
Overwhelmed with the difficult job of finding comprehensive security solutions, different businesses in various industries are turning to specialized cyber security firms that are able to not only deliver products and services, but also support these services by acting on a consultative basis. The best vendors can look at existing operations and benchmark their current status, helping executives and leaders brainstorm overall business needs. They can also make sure the enterprise has a customized and efficient cyber security framework in place through training and implementation.

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