Using Talent Solutions to Find Top-Tier Employees

Recruiting is never an easy process, and when you need to find the best of the best, it gets even more difficult. That is why it helps to rely on a partner that can provide you with the ideal employee, not just a capable employee.

To find candidates that have the elusive blend of skills, experience, attitude and ambition that you are looking for, you need to rely on a firm that provides talent solutions, not just recruitment assistance. This deeper and more targeted approach to staffing produces better outcomes for less, and often turns up professionals that clients are delighted to add to their staff.

The Squires Group is pioneering a new approach to growing your workforce, and our results speak for themselves.

What Makes The Squires Group
Different from other Staffing Providers?

Strategic Focus

An approach based on business solutions understands that the decision to hire a contractor or add an employee is based on the short, medium and long-term goals of the company. The best candidates will be able to meet an immediate need, and then contribute to and support the ongoing strategic aims of the company. In the rush to fill a vacancy, it is easy to lose sight of this, but that has consequences down the road. It often means going through another recruitment process sooner than should be necessary.

Extensive Vetting

Recruitment firms that practice talent solutions carefully vet any candidate they recommend to confirm that they have the proper credentials, are a good fit for the work environment and client need, and have the intangible qualities that will make them an indispensable addition. Even when staff are added temporarily or brought in to fill a very narrow need, they are more than just a skill set. The approach of our team looks beyond the resume to find the best people, not just the best workers.

Client Commitment

The goal of talent solutions is right there in the name – to solve client’s problems using the best talent out there. When you work with a firm that has this philosophy, your needs are the number one priority. You dictate what you need, when you need it, and how much it will cost. Once that information is established, dedicated recruiters marshal a vast network of resources to find you exactly what you asked for. No compromises, no excuses, no priorities except yours.

Looking to Hire in 2014?

Choose to work with The Squires Group, and experience a hiring approach based around talent solutions. Contact our team of experienced recruiters today for more information.

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