Career Look In – Medical Education Development Coordinator

The rapidly transitioning field of healthcare is producing a number of new job opportunities, including positions for professionals that have experience with grant application and development. As healthcare administrators of all types try to evolve their service offerings, they are turning to Medical Education Development Coordinators to work with offices of higher education and government to study new ways to spread information. If you are interested in being on the forefront of one of today’s fastest growing and most urgent issues, this could be a promising career option.

Job Responsibilities

Medical Education Development Coordinators are responsible for planning, implementing, tracking, and managing a broad range of initiatives designed to improve the state of medical education. Their efforts are not just focused on patients but also doctors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, and others. A major part of their job is dedicated to securing funding to support new educational initiatives, often by applying for grants and supplements from higher education, not-for-profits, and government agencies. Medical Education Development Coordinators typically focus on a specific type of medicine or care (Cardiology, Elder Care etc.) and help to organize the efforts of a educators ranging from patient advocates to publishers of textbooks and literature.

Job Qualifications

Medical Education Development Coordinators typically enter the field after receiving at least a bachelor’s degree. No specific degree path directly correlates, but professionals often study business, communications, public policy, or education. Employers will typically require at least several years of experience, especially in the area of grant management. Specialized skills including being bilingual, being a certified CME professional, and having the flexibility to travel are all helpful.

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not forecast the job outlook for Medical Education Development Coordinators specifically, but they do forecast for Medical and Health Services Managers, and the outlook is bright. This broad field is expect to grow by 23% by 2022, adding 73,300 jobs. Median pay currently stands at $88,580 per year, and that is expected to rise as well. Medical Education Development Coordinators will be a small subsection of this growth, but the demand for their services will almost surely keep pace.

Job Vacancy

A company in Linthicum, MD is looking for a Medical Education Development Coordinator to help spearhead initiatives designed to improve evidence-based, quality education for doctors. The chosen candidate will work closely with lawmakers in Washington and will play a major role in securing funding. Interested applicants must have at least three years experience and have knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Learn more about this position and find out how to apply.

If you are passionate about education, healthcare, and improving the future of treatment for patients across the world, taking a job as a Medical Education Development Coordinator could prove to be both rewarding and lucrative. Find more vacant and similar positions by working with The Squires Group.


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