Preparing for a Telephone Interview | Bringing an A Game and Selling Yourself

Don’t make the mistake that too may job seekers make and fail to adequately prepare for a telephone interview. This type of interview might not be as formal as a face to face interview, but it is an important resource that hiring managers use to make their final decision. Knocking the interview out of the park could be the tool you need to move on in the recruitment process or separate yourself from other candidates. Use these tips to help you before and during your telephone interview.

Create Your Answers in Advance

No matter what kind of position you are applying for, there are certain questions that you can reliably predict your interviewer will ask you about. They will want to know about each one of your job transitions and ask you to walk them through the details of your resume, both the positive and the negative aspects. Having answers to these questions prepared in advance can help you frame your past in the most positive light and help you to remain calm and confident on the phone.

Bring Your Personality

The disconnect of phone conversations can make it tricky to gauge someone’s personality, but recruiters will be judging you on more than just your answers to their questions. They will also be trying to get a feel for your character, your level of professionalism, your ease in talking to strangers in stressful situations, and other aspects of who you are as a person that will ultimately affect your performance on the job. Avoid sounding robotic, and be sure that your demeanor matches that of your interviewer.

Prepare Some Questions

You will likely be asked if you have any questions about the company your are applying with or the recruitment process moving forward. Prepare a few in advance, and use this part of the interview as a chance to show off how much you know about the company and how excited you are about the job prospect. This part of the interview is more than just a formality, so seize the opportunity while it’s there.

Pick a Setting

Nothing can derail a telephone interview faster than a barking dog, a crying baby, or a noisy crowd next to you at a coffee shop. You will likely know in advance when the interview will take place, so make sure you are in a quiet space with a reliable phone connection, and that you have pen, paper, and all your application documents on hand. This can help you avoid common mishaps and demonstrates to the interviewer that you are taking the process seriously.


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