ServiceNow – What is It and What are the Latest Trends?

If you have been involved with IT in any capacity over the last 10 years, you have probably heard the name ServiceNow. That is because in just a short period of time, this platform-as-a-service provider has become one of the major players in the world of IT management. And with the company increasingly servicing the public sector, the ubiquity of ServiceNow products is only expected to grow.

The broadest possible definition of ServiceNow’s business model is that the company creates customizable productivity tools that are flexible enough to serve a wide range of business needs. In it’s earliest days, ServiceNow targeted help desks and IT service management providers as primary customers. In a brief amount of time, they have expanded their offerings to include an enterprise cloud solution that can be tailored to address a variety of corporate IT concerns.

It is the flexibility of ServiceNow’s products that has made it so successful. Consider the fact that the clothing manufacturer Carhartt used ServiceNow to build a custom app to assist with new retailer onboarding, and the drug company AstraZena used the same product to completely transform IT service delivery for it’s 51,000 employees. In the granulated world of 21st century IT, few products have that kind of broad applicability. All indicators suggest that ServiceNow will only continue to expand its product and service offerings while broadening it’s customer base.

Latest Trends

Dan Bardwell, an IT professional who develops and administers ServiceNow products for Inergex, has predicted several trends that will affect ServiceNow over the short and medium-term.

Asset Management

The newly released Dublin asset management tool simplifies the process of software management for enterprises of all sizes. Bardwell predicts that Dublin will prove extremely successful because it offers simple tools to help companies cut costs, improve efficiency, manage oversight, and handle audits.

Enterprise Service Management

The focus of ServiceNow is still largely directed towards improving IT help desk management. Bardwell predicts that this focus will expand to include help desks and customer service settings outside the world of IT. That will likely open up huge new opportunities for the company.

Virtual Support

The rapid growth and evolution of ServiceNow has outpaced the ability of the company to provide adequate support to developers and administrators. Bardwell predicts that third party vendors will begin providing virtual support solutions to fill the gaps. This trend underscores the fact that companies are desperate to hire IT professionals with ServiceNow expertise.

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