Unique Strategies for Intensifying Your Phone Interview

A phone interview is a valuable recruitment tool, especially when you need to whittle down a large candidate pool or connect with candidates located out of state. Unfortunately, the traditional phone interview is often used more as an information-gathering tool than a real candidate evaluation. If you’re looking to intensify your phone interview to give you a deeper, more relevant, and more accurate picture of the person you’re vetting, implement these strategies:

Use Video Chat

It’s easier than ever to hold a video conference, and most people with a computer have the necessary technology. Consider asking your interviewees to speak with you in an environment where you can see each other, and you add a revealing layer of intensity to the interview. Candidates must now look and act professionally instead of just sounding the part.

Structure Your Interviews

Create a preset list of questions, and ask everyone you interview the same thing. This has been shown to be far more effective than having a free-form conversation, and it helps you more clearly identify the differences between candidates. You can go off script is necessary, but try as much as possible to standardize your interviews.

Use Situational Scenarios

There is no reason you can’t use the occasion of a phone interview to try and gauge how a candidate would perform on the job. Come up with a few hypothetical scenarios that mimic a responsibility an employee would face, and judge how quickly, capably, and competently the candidate responds. This strategy is common in face to face interviews, but it is just as effective over the phone.


Remember that just because you want to intensify your phone interview doesn’t mean you can breach the standards of professional conduct. Make sure you schedule a time and stick to it, act politely, and avoid questions about irrelevant personal details.

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