Consultant of the Quarter (Q1 2019)

Thao Tran PhotoIt is our pleasure to announce that Thao Tran has been named the 2019 Q1 Consultant of the Quarter for her outstanding work supporting one of our key commercial clients in the role of Contract Administration and Tactical Sourcing.

Thao joined The Squires Group in January 2019 to help our client, a local utility company, with the task of managing and administering over 1,100 active contracts. At that time, our client’s contract team was running behind on their contract actions (for example – contract renewals were late).

By creating good relationships with the Business Units, Thao was able to understand their business needs clearly. Through that understanding, she was able to prioritize and assist the team to stay on top of the contract renewals. The renewals are now completed 6-12 months out.

Because of her ability to complete assignments, Thao quickly earned her manager’s trust. She was therefore given the authority to have certain levels of approval without needing her manager’s review. In a contract administration job, where attention to detail is the key, this was a big step forward for Thao and our client’s contract team.

Here is what Thao’s manager had to say about her: “She always has a smile and is eager to understand our processes. She asks the right questions and communicates well.” All these attributes have enabled Thao to be well accepted by her teammates and the Business Units. That, combined with thorough understanding of the contracting function in a large organization, has set her up for success with our client.

Sheila Montgomery, Human Resources at The Squires Group who helped Thao during her onboarding when she started with us, echoes Thao’s manager’s feedback. “Sounds like she’s doing great, making a lot of progress in her role with our client. Thao is a perfect combo – serious about her job/ responsibilities/ reputation, and wildly funny at the same time. With a great attitude!” adds Sheila.

Thao, thank you for all your hard work and your substantial contributions you have made to help our client’s contract administration team! We are happy that you are part of our stellar team supporting this client.

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