Cathy Colianni Wins the 2019 Build Great, All-In Award

Cathy Dove 251x318Congratulations to Cathy Colianni for winning the 2019 Build Great All-In Award. This award was established in 2018 by Eric Galasso, President of The Squires Group (TSGi), to recognize our staff members who excel at demonstrating the Seven Principles of Building Great, The Squires Way.

At the beginning of 2019, our infrastructure team members received five Build Great, The Squires Way Cards to hand out to their colleagues when they were inspired by seeing a team member going above and beyond in Building Great!

The individual(s) that received the most number of cards at the end of the year would be the winner of the All-In Award.

The Seven Principles of Building Great, The Squires Way are:

  1. Be All-In. Set your goals and own them. Work with urgency, energy, and purpose. Take an active, not a passive role in all your endeavors. Once you begin a task, complete it. Never give up.
  2. Work with a Can-Do Attitude. Be a possibility thinker. Don’t put up walls, break them down. Continuously challenge yourself to think creatively. Strive to find new solutions that create an opportunity for our team, our consultants and our clients. Be resourceful. Move with confidence. Persevere.
  3. Show Grit. Be courageous, tenacious and resilient! Don’t shy away from a challenge, as overcoming obstacles is the mother of all progress. It’s the food that’s needed for growing individuals and a company.
  4. Be Accountable. Ask the only question of influence. What did I do to make this happen or not happen? Don’t waste valuable time and energy looking to others, or factors outside of your control, as reasons for not achieving your goals. We are all stronger than we think when we control our own destiny.
  5. Work On the Company, Not Just For the Company. This is one of our favorites. Come to work with a fresh and optimistic outlook. Show initiative and think of ways to improve how you deliver and how our team works together. Use your voice. Make it happen!
  6. Commit to Continuous Learning and Growth (keep your business saw sharp). Welcome difficult assignments. Progress and confidence are gained in accomplishing difficult tasks. Along the way, there will be roadblocks. Embrace them. Step up. Learn what you need to conquer them. Your leadership and your team will support you.
  7. Love to Serve. Serving others is our lifeblood. That includes serving each other. Recognize that we are all different, but we are one. Communicate openly and be transparent. Never waiver from our core values of integrity, professionalism, and trust. They are the foundation that helped us build this business and our stellar reputation.

“Congratulations, Cathy, for winning the second annual Build Great, All-In Award. Cathy provides support to our Senior Resource Management Team and is also our Level I Help Desk Support for our hardware, software, and a variety of our office applications. As our Office Manager, she is adept at juggling the daily needs of our team. Her colleagues consistently recognized Cathy for her love to serve attitude,” says Eric Galasso. “She joins Ed Kennedy and Sandi Rewers, who have been the previous winners. The three of them have set the bar high for our future award winners,” adds Eric.

“Our team is very engaged in this award program, so we plan to continue it in 2020 with the aim for our team to continue to embrace these Seven Squires Way Principles so we can help our clients and consultants to Build Great,” concludes Eric.

About The Squires Group, Inc.
The Squires Group, Inc. (TSGi) is a WBENC certified woman-owned, professional services firm founded in 1995 by Nancy Squires, with its principal operations located in Annapolis, Maryland. TSGi specializes in providing talent solutions in ERP, IT, Cyber and Accounting & Finance to its clients. TSGi provides contract, contract-to-hire, and career placement services for Commercial and Federal clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and select national markets. For more information on The Squires Group, please visit

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