Consultant of the Quarter (Q2 2020)

Bexter pic 150Please join us in congratulating Bexter R., The Squires Group, Inc.’s Consultant of the Quarter for Q2. Bexter is supporting one of our global integration partners as a Network Engineer on a long term federal project. As a member of the National Guard, Bexter was called into active duty in mid-May to support public health needs in Maryland in light of the global pandemic. He was required to commute up to Aberdeen, MD while balancing three days of work on the project. While it was challenging and tiring, Bexter persevered, and fulfilled both his professional priorities and public duties.

Bexter also has an interesting path to discovering his passion for information technology. Just as he reached his mid-point with his Religious Studies degree, he decided to expand his education with something a little less philosophical—computer science. After a few programming projects and java assignments, Bexter found himself more driven by the work he was creating. In his words, he had the computer buzz! So, he decided to double-major in both Computer Science and Religion.

After grad school, Bexter began his IT career as a Network Engineer specializing in Cisco Systems. As safety and cybersecurity continued to be of national importance, Bexter wanted to give back to our nation through service. So, he enlisted into the Maryland Army National Guard as an Information Technology Specialist. On the civilian side, he also finds it valuable to stay competitive and relevant in his field. To that effect, Bexter has enjoyed working with top cybersecurity companies like Fortinet, Forescout, RedSeal, Tenable, and Palo Alto.

Finally, Bexter is also a passionate producer of music, as well as being very active in his charity. He plays an integral role in the Embrace Your Mind Foundation, which strives “to create a safe, happy, successful, and meaningful life for people with mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, and crisis victims.” He recently traveled to Liberia with the foundation to support this cause and push forward their initiatives.

Congratulations, Bexter. We thank you for being part of Team Squires and helping us and others Build Great. Whether it’s systems for our clients, stronger communities for people in need, music to uplift our minds and souls, your passion, faith, and dedication shine through!

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