A New Job May Take New Skills – How Do You Acquire the New Skills You Need for the Job You Want?

A New Job May Take New Skills - How Do You Acquire the New Skills You Need for the Job You Want? The Squires Group

During a job search, you might come across jobs you’d love to land that are a bit outside of your wheelhouse. Luckily, it’s possible to acquire the skills you need, ensuring you can qualify for your dream position. If you want to know how you can identify the capabilities you’ll want to acquire and the steps you need to take to boost your skill set, here’s what you need to know.

How to Identify the Skills You Need

There are a few simple ways to identify the skills you need to have to land your dream job. One of the most straightforward options is reviewing the job description. Inside any vacancy announcement is usually an overview of any must-have and preferred skills and experience. Review those lists to see if there are any requested capabilities that you currently lack.

Alternatively, you can review more general information relating to positions similar to your dream role. Many jobs in the same primary classification have comparable requirements. As a result, you can review them to determine where you’ll want to focus your skill-building energies.

Finally, look for publicly accessible information outlining the capabilities of current and past employees who held the role. Many professionals post about their job experience on sites like LinkedIn. By reviewing that information, you can also learn about the skills it takes to thrive in a position.

Steps to Acquire New Skills

Once you know which skills you need, it’s time to create a plan for acquiring them. Which approach is best may depend on the nature of the capability, as well as your existing skillset.

Usually, you want to begin with goal-setting. Along with identifying the target skills, outline the steps you’ll need to take to acquire them, as well as a deadline for completing each milestone. That way, you’ll remain focused.

After that, you need to select an appropriate learning method. The most straightforward option is formal education or training. This can include pursuing a new degree or taking a single course to add the new skill to your resume. Attending webinars or workshops can also fall into this category.

Self-directed learning using books, videos, or similar information sources can work in some cases, as well as on-the-job training with your current employers. You can also explore volunteering opportunities, particularly if you have a skillset in the same vein and can support a professional with the skill you’re after directly.

Explore specific options for acquiring the skill you’re after, weighing the merits of the various choices. Then, you can create a personalized curriculum using your favored strategy.

Often, the path to new skills isn’t as difficult as it initially appears. With a bit of planning, you can start moving in the right direction quickly.

Have You Developed New Skills And You’re Looking For a Job?

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