Consultant of the Quarter (Q4 2021)

Grant B 2021 Q4.1Please join us in congratulating Grant B., our 2021 Q4 “Consultant of the Quarter,” for his outstanding work in implementing Microsoft 365 with one of our Federal clients.

Grant’s most notable contribution has been gaining agency-wide support for migrating a core interagency program from an AWS-hosted SharePoint instance to Microsoft 365. After earning the buy-in from key stakeholders, Grant then began developing and executing the migration plan. His work began with designing a communications strategy, which was aimed at gaining maximum acceptance within the diverse user base. This plan not only covered migration work but included developing program-specific training for these new technologies. From start to finish, Grant always kept client satisfaction at the top of his mind.

Throughout the project implementation, Grant continued to sharpen his skillset by enrolling in additional coursework. As a result, he is now a Microsoft 365 Certified Teams Administrator Associate, Teamwork Administrator Associate, and Enterprise Administrator Expert. These additional certifications helped Grant provide a smooth transition to the new platform and ensured that the team has the knowledge to support it after the go-live. We are proud of Grant’s commitment to continuous learning and growth because it is one of the principles of our mission to help our clients Build Great.

Grant also contributes to the operations and maintenance (O&M) project as a back-end administrator and a front-end SharePoint developer. As the product owner for SharePoint Online and Office365, Grant understands that all aspects of the client’s experience with these technologies are a top priority.

So, congratulations, Grant, and thank you for your commitment to Build Great for our federal client!

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