The Impact of Short-Term Mindset Adjustments on Your Long-Term Career

The Impact of Short-Term Mindset Adjustments on Your Long-Term Career

When it comes to forwarding your career, your mindset matters. Your attitude has a dramatic impact on your performance, professional relationships, and decision-making when it comes to your career.

Often, by maintaining a positive mindset in the short term, you can open unexpected doors that lead to long-term gains. Here are some tips that can make adopting that attitude simpler, as well as an overview of the potential benefits of each mindset shift.

Focus on the Experience

Every job comes with its benefits and drawbacks. However, by focusing on the value of the experience, it’s easier to view any position in a better light.

For example, you can turn a “bad” job into a positive experience by understanding what you’re gaining and how you can leverage it to further your career. It allows you to concentrate on how what you’re learning can help you move on to something better. That may help you stay motivated to be at your best, even if you’re not satisfied with the role.

For jobs you do enjoy, focusing on the experience is also beneficial. It ensures you’re seeing precisely what you’re gaining. Plus, it may help you realize if you’re stagnating, which isn’t always as easy to notice when other positive aspects of the job keep you satisfied. In turn, you’re more likely to advocate for yourself to continue your growth, which keeps your career moving in the right direction.

Similarly, before pursuing a new job opportunity, consider the value of the experience you would gain there to determine if making a change is worthwhile. If a role doesn’t have much to offer regarding furthering your capabilities, then it might not be the strongest option. If it does create a clear pathway for growth, then it’s potentially a more valuable opportunity.

Nurturing Contacts Provides Value

During your career, you’ll connect with a wide variety of professionals. Often, networking is touted as a pathway for additional career success, and it’s wise to understand that it’s possible to leverage a network to gain access to more opportunities. However, seeing contacts as merely a means to an end isn’t the right mindset.

Instead, it’s critical to know that nurturing contacts provides far more value. By forging stronger connections beyond what contacts can do for your career, you can experience greater gains. Along with increasing the likelihood that your network will assist you when it’s time to find new opportunities, it gives you ongoing access to critical expertise, guidance, and support.

Spend time finding ways to strengthen the connections. One simple mindset adjustment that usually reaps dividends is focusing on how you can help members of your network thrive. By doing so, they’re more likely to be there for you when the time comes, which is valuable. Plus, assisting others can give you a nice mental boost.

Ultimately, the mindset adjustments above are impactful. If you’d like to learn more about how you can keep your career on track, The Squires Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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