Consultant of the Quarter (Q1 2023)

Aaron B. Q1 2023Please join us in congratulating Aaron B., winner of our Q1 2023 Consultant of the Quarter award, for his outstanding work supporting one of our utility clients. Aaron joined our team as a Data Entry Specialist and quickly became one of the most valuable assets in his department.

Since joining the Data Entry project in June 2022, Aaron has dedicated himself to excellence and has worked diligently to exceed his managers’ expectations. Though he was hired as a Data Entry Specialist to capture key data on customer issues, he would go on to prove his technology and analytic prowess when he took the initiative to start investigating all open jobs and data in the system. By doing this, Aaron, along with his peers, was able to help one of the primary service locations achieve a record low of 4% remediation on overall jobs. In addition, he was able to check which jobs were resolved, and document important details before closing it out in the system. His actions helped the department prioritize which jobs needed attention from the service crews which led to higher quality control.

By working “on” the company and not just “for” the company, Aaron went beyond to make an impact on his department. His extra effort and contribution were recognized by the department and Aaron’s role is on track to expand to even greater heights.

Congratulations Aaron and thank you for your commitment to Build Great℠ for our utility client! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to Team Squires.

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