AI and Skilled Recruiters: A Winning Combination

AI and Skilled Recruiters: A Winning Combination

For employers, the primary goal when recruiting is to find right-fit candidates as quickly as possible. Often, streamlining the hiring process is also a shared objective, ensuring the candidates have a positive experience and that hiring managers aren’t wasting time unnecessarily on job seekers that aren’t suitable matches. One increasingly popular method for simplifying recruitment is the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI has plenty to offer the worlds of recruitment and hiring, making tedious parts of the processes easier for companies to manage. However, using AI alone doesn’t inherently mean a winning recruitment strategy. While AI is in many ways capable, it’s also lacking in specific areas. Instead, using AI in combination with skilled recruiters is often the best choice. Here’s a look at why.

The Benefits of AI in Recruitment

AI is often a boon to employers looking to recruit effectively. With AI solutions, it’s possible to review large numbers of applicant resumes in very little time, allowing the technology to identify potential top talent rapidly by scanning for critical keywords, ensuring minimum educational standards are met, and conducting similar application examinations.

Similarly, AI solutions can work as part of a candidate sourcing strategy. By reviewing publicly accessible resumes or social media profiles, the technology can point recruiters in the direction of professionals who are potentially worth engaging.

AI technologies can also assist with a variety of mundane and repetitive tasks. For example, AI is increasingly being used to craft compelling job descriptions, and chatbots are becoming a highly viable option for answering candidate questions.

When it comes to efficiency, all the benefits above make a significant difference. Along with shortening time-to-hire, it may lead to higher quality matches overall. Plus, it reduces the administrative burden on hiring managers, making it easier for them to focus on parts of the process that require the human touch.

Why Skilled Recruiters Are Necessary

While AI recruitment technologies can offer all the benefits above, it isn’t a perfect, standalone solution. Generally, AI solutions aren’t capable of assessing various human idiosyncrasies. As a result, it can’t factor in culture fit when evaluating candidates.

Additionally, AI tech may overlook candidates with potential due to them submitting an underperforming resume. In some cases, AI solutions may also produce relatively homogenous results when it comes to their assumptions about which job seekers are the strongest matches, depending on the data it’s given to define a solid fit. In those cases, using AI alone may hinder diversity initiatives.

Ultimately, AI can improve recruiting efficiency and effectiveness, but relying solely on AI won’t yield the best results. Instead, it’s best to also leverage the talent of skilled, experienced recruiters, ensuring critical factors like culture fit are assessed when recruiting and that any results provided by the AI genuinely represent the best and brightest candidates.

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