6 People You Should Reach Out to After You’ve Been Laid Off

Being laid off is never easy, as it often means you have to launch a job search somewhat unexpectedly. Fortunately, you can make the process easier by connecting with the right people quickly once you’ve learned the layoff is taking place. Here are six people you should reach out to after you’ve been laid off.

1. Managers and Company Leaders at Your Former Employer

After a layoff, it’s wise to connect with company leaders and managers with whom you have strong relationships. Even if they didn’t oversee your position directly, they can often vouch for the quality of your work, making them excellent references. Plus, if your relationship with them is strong, they may be willing to leverage their networks to help you find more opportunities and might even directly refer you if positions are available.

2. Former Team Members or Other Colleagues

Connecting with former coworkers allows you to expand your network, as well as identify potential references for your upcoming job search. Some may even be able to refer you to openings at their current company, giving you an in that could accelerate your job search.

3. Family Members and Friends

In many cases, family members and friends are an excellent source of support after a layoff. Plus, many maintain their own professional networks, which could prove valuable as you seek out job openings. Ideally, begin with family members and friends who work in your field or target industry. However, don’t overlook other connections, as they may have a contact that can assist, too.

4. Your Professional Network

Any online connections you’ve made could prove valuable after a layoff. Make sure to reach out to members of your professional network strategically, letting those who are associated with your target field or industry know you’re seeking out opportunities first. Then, branch out if the need arises.

5. Previous Clients or Contractors

Unless you’re barred from reaching out based on employment agreements, speaking with past clients or contractors could open up new doors. Plus, they may be valuable as references, especially if they can vouch for the quality of your work.

6. A Recruiter Who Specializes in Your Area of Expertise

When you’ve been laid off, one of the most important partnerships you can make is with a recruiter who specializes in your area of expertise. Recruiters are well-connected in the local community, often having strong relationships with employers in the area. Additionally, they may be the sole source of candidates for leading companies in your city, allowing them to provide you with access to opportunities that aren’t reachable through other means.

By ensuring your recruiter specializes in your area of expertise, you’ll also get higher quality guidance during your journey. Plus, your recruiter will be better equipped to find you the perfect match, leading to better long-term job satisfaction and overall results.

If you’re ready to partner with a recruiter who can genuinely elevate your job search, The Squires Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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