Consultant of the Quarter (Q3 2023)

Joy W Q3 2023.1Please join us in congratulating Joy W., the recipient of the 2023 Q3 Consultant of the Quarter. Joy’s exceptional contributions as a Scrum Master are significantly benefiting our client’s project and exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism in supporting the mission critical project.

Joy assumed the role of Scrum Master for one of our longest-running federal projects in August 2023, and the positive reviews from her team have been rolling in ever since. A developer on her team mentioned, “Joy is a great facilitator for our Agile development team. She is very good at managing communication between the team members by keeping them engaged and focused. She is an active listener and helps troubleshoot team impediments and is very open to feedback/ team input and implementing any productive changes to boost team performance.”

Joy has shown a commitment to excellence and a strong dedication to Agile methodologies. She is not only a talented Scrum Master, but also exhibits one of the greatest traits that a Scrum Master can possess: the spirit of a lifelong learner. Joy actively engages in ongoing learning alongside her team, demonstrating an admirable willingness to understand all aspects of the project. This openness to continuous improvement allows her to make sound decisions and stay at the forefront of best practices in Agile project management.

Joy is a delight to work with and everyone she interacts with feels fortunate to know her. Her dedication, positivity, and collaborative spirit have a ripple effect, creating a communicative and productive work environment.

Congratulations to Joy for her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to our client’s federal project. We are grateful for her dedication and her tireless efforts to Build Great. Thank you for your outstanding work and leadership, Joy, and we look forward to your continued success as a Scrum Master.

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