5 Key Contributions Veterans Offer the Workforce

Veterans classically bring a lot to the table, as they’re often well-trained in their field of expertise. However, it’s easy for companies to accidentally overlook some of the best they have to offer. Here’s a look at five key contributions veterans provide to the workforce.

1. Collaboration

During their time in the military, service members typically work with a wide array of people. People from practically all backgrounds choose to join the military, so they’re familiar with being part of a diverse workforce. As a result, they’re often adept at collaborating with people whose perspectives differ from their own, and that can make them an asset to companies.

Additionally, communication is often critical to the success of many military units. Service members are typically highly capable of expressing themselves clearly, as it’s a crucial part of many positions within the military, and that further boosts their ability to collaborate.

2. Leadership

Military service members commonly get opportunities to step up as leaders, regardless of their rank. The reason is that the military continuously prepares service members for the career road that lies ahead, and that broadly means shifting into leadership. Essentially, the military prioritizes leadership training and experiences to ensure readiness, and that often means veterans have the necessary foundational skills to serve well as leaders.

3. Dedication

Being a member of the military requires a significant commitment. Since that’s the case, most people who join are dedicated individuals who prioritize their service over many other aspects of their lives. While transitioning to the civilian world often creates ample room for work-life balance, veterans often remain highly loyal and service-oriented, which can make them excellent additions to a company’s workforce.

4. Perspective

During their time in the military, service members may spend time in not only different states but various countries. As a result, they’re exposed to a wide array of cultures, giving them unique perspectives that can benefit employers. They may have insights into the needs or preferences of a wide variety of communities, giving companies access to critical information that they may otherwise lack. It’s a life experience that many people never have the opportunity to gain, and it can prove far more valuable than many employers expect.

5. Resilience

Veterans typically have experience working in high-stress scenarios or navigating challenging conditions that require a significant amount of resilience. At times, the situations they’ve encountered have had far more dramatic consequences than most other people will ever face. Typically, this means they’re adept at managing stress and maintaining focus during times of crisis, and that can prove to be an asset to companies when they face the unexpected.

Ultimately, veterans have plenty to offer the workforce. Along with everything above, they’re often well-trained in their area of expertise, and most are always willing to learn more throughout their career journeys. If you’re a veteran looking for a new position or a company that wants to hire veterans to boost your team’s capabilities and company’s culture, The Squires Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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