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Got Blog?

As we mentioned in our last Gazette, we have started building a compilation of articles to help with a variety of career tips and to also provide talent solutions advice for our clients. Here are some recent blog posts that others have found interesting: Unique Strategies for Intensifying Your Phone Interview Building Team Morale by… Read more »

Recipe Corner – Tortellini Soup

Tortellini Soup Getting chilly in your neck of the woods? Enjoy this recipe for Tortellini Soup: This is a great soup for a cold winter night; especially when you don’t have a lot of time to make a “homemade” meal that takes forever. It’s also a great way to get some vegetables in your diet!… Read more »

Why Hiring in December is a Gift

As part of your broader strategic staffing initiative, consider making bold hiring decisions at the end of the year. Refining your workforce before the start of 2015 has a number of benefits you simply can’t take advantage of once the new year comes. Here are a few you might not be aware of: Draw from… Read more »

Unique Strategies for Intensifying Your Phone Interview

A phone interview is a valuable recruitment tool, especially when you need to whittle down a large candidate pool or connect with candidates located out of state. Unfortunately, the traditional phone interview is often used more as an information-gathering tool than a real candidate evaluation. If you’re looking to intensify your phone interview to give… Read more »

Building Team Morale by Exhibiting Thankfulness

The Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner, and that got us thinking about the important but under-appreciated role that thankfulness plays in the workplace. In all sorts of meaningful ways, exhibiting thankfulness helps to boost team morale and motivate your team. If you are trying to develop the kind of cohesive, inspired, and committed… Read more »

The Benefits of Working at a Dog-Friendly Company

There are a lot of things you can do to motivate employees: offer better compensation, more opportunities for advancement, a fun company culture, the list continues. But one other strategy worth keeping in mind is making your office dog friendly. Working for an employer that welcomes dogs in the office has a number of unexpected… Read more »

Take Your Job Description and Throw it in the Trash

In your recruiting efforts, have you ever struggled to put together a list of interview candidates? Have you ever made a hiring decision feeling less than enthused about your choice? Have you given someone a job only to have them fizzle out in under a year? You might be able to blame all these common… Read more »

Salary Negotiation – From the Recruiter's Perspective

Neither candidates nor clients enjoy the salary negotiation process, but it is ultimately the recruiter that has the largest burden of the bunch. They are beholden to both parties and have to remain objective even when the process becomes contentious. But it’s for these exact same reasons that recruiters are so often brought into the… Read more »

Salary Negotiation – From the Hiring Manager’s Perspective

As an employer, you are often considered the “bad guy” in the salary negotiation process – the person that will drive the price as low as possible. But as almost all hiring managers know, you can’t expect to recruit top talent without offering them fair compensation, and it rarely benefits the company to try and… Read more »

Hackers Use Google to Steal Corporate Data and What it Means for Your Organization

Sophisticated hackers recently used a previously unknown strategy to cover their tracks in an elaborate scheme to steal data from corporate and government computers. If you deal with sensitive digital information of any type, you need to be aware of this attack and the ever-evolving threat that hackers like this create. The issue was first… Read more »