Helping a Mother Get Back into SharePoint Development


Supported in:

  • Agile Methodology
  • Front-end Configuration

Consultant History

Matt Kilkeary, Senior Account Manager at The Squires Group, Inc. (TSGi), was working on a plan to help Eleena, one of his candidates with over eight years of SharePoint development experience, to re-enter the workforce. Four years prior to connecting with Matt, Eleena had decided to stay home to care for her new baby daughter and to provide the support she needed through the toddler years.

The Challenge

Eleena’s daughter was getting ready to start pre-kindergarten, so Eleena was planning on returning back to her profession as a SharePoint Developer. Naturally, Eleena had some trepidation since she was out of the workforce for four years – and she would be sending her daughter to school. Any new career move had to provide a long-term opportunity in a Sharepoint environment and be located close to home.

The Solution

While helping Eleena find her new footing in the workforce (which would include a new SharePoint project,) Matt discussed at length the definition of an ideal situation for her. The answer? A project that was located close to home was the answer. This would help put Eleena at ease knowing that she could return to work and at the same time, be close to her daughter’s new school. Their discussion also established that Eleena preferred to work as a contractor on a long-term project.

Once Eleena’s expectations were clearly defined, Matt was able to narrow down the list of opportunities that met all of her requirements. As a next step, Matt presented her to a local Agile development project with multiple teams supporting a Federal agency initiative that focused on SharePoint. Our systems integration partner was impressed with Eleena’s prior work experience and interviewed her immediately. Shortly after the interview, our partner made the decision to add her to their team as a contractor. Once the required background check was clear, Eleena started supporting the Agile project.

The Success

Eleena was pleased to be back in her professional role as a SharePoint Developer. And, she was relieved that she was working close to home so that if her daughter ever needed any help, she would be just around the corner. Eleena continues to thrive on her new project! She shared with us that she loves the development work in the Agile environment and is growing her skills in Sharepoint.

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