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  • nVision Reporting
  • AP, Assets Management, Purchasing, GL and Expenses

Consultant History

One of our top PeopleSoft Consultants, Spencer C, had been supporting a Federal Contract for more than two years. Spencer wanted to live his dream of driving from coast to coast and enjoying the vastness and diversity of the country. So, he decided to take a sabbatical and check this desire from his bucket list. He bought a van and “fixed-it” so that he could travel and live in the van during this journey. Being a handy person, Spencer installed solar panels on the roof of the van and also made a bed for himself in the van. He visited his family for the first few weeks before setting out on his venture.

SpencerSpencer drove eight hours a day and took multiple stops in between as he made is journey from Pennsylvania to Florida and to California and back. The coast to coast trip took him about 25 days.

Shifting Gears

After an eight month sabbatical during which Spencer managed to live his dream, Spencer got back to the Baltimore area and initiated his job search. He reached out to Lara Joy, who had been his Resource Manager at The Squires Group, Inc. (TSGi) when he was contractor, to discuss potential career options.

Lara had a long discussion with Spencer to understand his motivation. Spencer wanted to work for a company where he could make a long term impact. Shorter duration contract options did not appeal to him anymore. However, the most important decision point for him was to find a position where he could use his nVision skills.

The New Path

TSGi submitted Spencer’s profile to a couple of different clients wanting to hire a PeopleSoft expert on a Direct Hire basis. Spencer took the opportunity to work for a leading regional health system company as they were looking to hire an expert in nVision Reporting. Since joining them, Spencer has developed more than 400 reports for 27 business units. According to Spencer, “People here are really nice. The reports I create help make it easier for the business users do their day-to-day jobs. The reports help leverage all the data that is being captured in the PeopleSoft system.” Spencer adds, “I am glad Lara took the time to understand my needs, to help me find the right career path after I came back from my sabbatical.”.

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