Pursuing a Career as a Military Spouse

Scrum Master

Supported in:

  • Agile Methodology
  • SAFe
  • Sprint Planning

Consultant History

A military spouse was on the quest for a position in the federal space as a Scrum Master. Like many military spouses, she faced the daunting challenge of maintaining a career while dealing with frequent relocations.

The Challenge

The challenge was to find a position that could accommodate the changes inevitable with a military lifestyle, while not compromising the expertise our consultant carried as a Scrum Master. Many military spouses accept jobs well below their value because of accommodations that are needed to support their active-duty service members. Our candidate needed a role that primarily offered remote work opportunities, with occasional onsite requirements.

The Solution

At The Squires Group, we understand the unique challenges faced by military spouses. Our Resource Manager, who is a military spouse herself, was well acquainted with the hurdles and opportunities within this niche. Drawing on her experience and empathy for the needs of our candidate, we embarked on a mission to find the perfect match for our candidate.

Our Resource Manager leveraged her understanding of the unique talents possessed by military spouses—adaptability, resilience, grit, and a well-connected network. These qualities, along with the candidate’s Scrum Master skills, were identified as valuable assets that could make a significant impact in the federal space.

The Success – A Twist in the Journey

Success initially came in the form of securing a coveted Scrum Master position within a federal agency. It was an exciting moment filled with anticipation for our consultant. However, life had one more twist in store. Her active-duty spouse received orders to relocate to another state, presenting a difficult decision—career or family.

Dedicated to both her career and family, our candidate faced a dilemma. She thought about flying back over multiple states once a month to provide in person support, but ultimately this solution wouldn’t work.

Triumph Over Challenges

The true measure of success is not just in achieving your goals, but in how you handle setbacks and adapt to new opportunities. Thanks to the unwavering support and commitment of The Squires Group, our consultant found her silver lining.

Through relentless determination and tenacity, we were able to secure an interview for our consultant for a fully remote position within the same federal agency. The outcome was a resounding success—she was hired immediately! This remote role not only allowed her to continue her career progression but also provided the flexibility needed to support her active-duty spouse’s mission.

The Squires Group takes a lot of pride in supporting our service members and their families. We seek to ensure that military spouses can thrive in their chosen careers while supporting their loved one’s service to the nation.

In this consultant’s journey, we see the power of adaptability, resilience, and unwavering support. We know that success can flourish even amidst life’s most challenging transitions. The Squires Group remains steadfast in our mission to empower individuals to achieve their career aspirations, regardless of the challenges they face.

If you or someone you know is interested in taking a similar journey, please contact us and we will be glad to be a part of your unique path.

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