Are You Feeling Isolated Working at Home During COVID-19? Here’s What to Do

Once stay-at-home orders became the norm, a slew of professionals who once reported to the workplace for their jobs suddenly found themselves working from home. While, initially, the shift may have been pleasant, after a while, experiencing loneliness became common. Luckily, it is possible to fight back against feelings of isolation. If you want to… Read more »

The Baltimore Sun Names The Squires Group, Inc. a Winner of the Baltimore 2016 Top Workplaces

ANNAPOLIS, MD, December 1, 2016 – The Squires Group, Inc. (TSGi) has been awarded a 2016 Top Workplaces honor by The Baltimore Sun. The Baltimore Top Workplaces list is based solely on the results of an employee feedback survey administered by WorkplaceDynamics, LLC, a leading research firm that specializes in organizational health and workplace improvement.… Read more »

3 Resume Tips for Consulting Positions

The way you present yourself on a consulting resume is a lot different than a typical job-seeking resume. Normally you would want to stress your reliability, consistency, and long-term focus. On a consulting resume, you want to demonstrate that you can adapt to anything, make a deep impact, and produce fast results. It’s an entirely… Read more »

3 Ways to Know a Consultant is Loyal

The decision to bring in a consultant can’t be made lightly. You will take on a new expense, interrupt your natural workflows and team dynamic, and place a bet that your company will come out stronger in the end. With so much on the line, you need to be sure you’re hiring the right consultant.… Read more »